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Success investment requires keeping an ear to the ground and staying on top of development to remain attuned to the fundamentals impacting outcomes.

To remain profitable, one must ensure a continual upgrade of their strategies & portfolio allocations, given that as seasons change, so do market conditions. Just because certain investments might or might not make sense at one point, does not mean a reversal of a position may not be in order at a later date.

In fact, it may often be such turning points from one strategy or investment to another that are the critical game-changing moments which produce magnitudes of different in results.

I might have just recently had such a moment with Ripple.


I first heard of Ripple in the fall of 2016 while taking the online MIT Fintech: Future Commerce course.

It had yet to boom in price, still an under-the-radar project at the time. A few of the course's modules featured the CEO talking about it. Though at the time, I was pretty committed to the more anarchistic side of cryptocurrency and had little interest in investing something designed for banks. I was allured by the underground philosophy of crypto projects aiming to provide more libertarian innovations set on replacing the old system rather than stuff designed to serve the existing legacy system, and as such, Ripple never won me over.

Nearly three years later, that hasn't changed that much. I've still viewed XRP as serving a different market niche which didn't really align with my rebellious spirit. Holding the bulk of my portfolio in Ethereum was the most "mainstream" I've allowed myself to go. Yet, I came across some stuff a few days ago that made me reconsider my position.


The subject of currency wars and coming financial crisis is really just a code for debt crisis. No matter the symptoms, debt has always been an "illness" towards our financial system where no magic nor remedy can cure this crisis.

Massive debt, much of which is denominated in USD and at risk of payment default. Massive over leveraging in derivatives, QE [ Quantitative Easing] (money printing) pumped into equities market to their all time highs, negative interest rates, outdated financial systems that has no coping mechanism as we all know it only gets worse from here.
The debt system has come to this end to impose our financial system. Are we sleep walking towards a debt bubble and economic armageddon that many economic pundits have warned us?

And some force behind the scenes are trying to engineer? Or is there a plan and maybe plans within plans?

The only option is a total RESET of all currency levels in our financial system. A TOTAL DEBT RESET.

For those paying attention, indications are that this NEW SYSTEM will involve Quantum Computing, a return to the GOLD STANDARD CURRENCY SYSTEM and the use of DIGITAL; CRYPTO ASSETS, CRYPTO CURRENCY, BLOCKCHAIN, or whatever you wish to call it.

There are two major reasons why a TOTAL RESET is required.

To defund the [DS] Deep State Cabal and their Petro dollars denominated system of debt slavery and financial control.

The second is to [ transition ] to a NEW FINANCIAL SYSTEM (sounds familiar? Transition to Greatness) that has been built and put into place over the last five to six years behind the scenes.

Both of these objectives need to be take place in order for old systems to crash to bring to the new rebirth Phoenix system.

There will be three new different forms of money in this new financial system, the old and new combinations.

  1. SOVEREIGN MONEY - Fiat money (dollars backed by gold for the use in sovereignty borders.
    XRP - Token made by Anonymous ( no one know who this is ) who then gave to RIPPLE for worlds adoption. XRP (X-Border) an exchange value between all markets and asset classes. XRP will be used to balance trade accounts between sovereign entities or countries via TREASURY or CENTRAL BANKS.
  3. Gold will be used to back former fiat currencies to become REAL CURRENCIES or MONEY again. Gold will also will be used as a stable point of reference to standardise pricing for all things of value, such as commodities. Exchange rate will be fixed, physical gold could be priced locally (sovereign level) to manage and reverse trade flow imbalance preventing one way trade flow. Since this is a global system, it will be grams per gold and not imperial oz. Grams/Barrel basically.

This new international monetary system creates what the analysts and politicians are calling for "A Global Level Playing Field" which means no hegemonic currency and a FOREVER FAIR SYSTEM FOR ALL.

It would take alot more than crypto currency to change the world as no government will give up their monopoly on money and the banks have a vested interest to ensure that doesn't change.

People have the same grandiose predictions about the internet making government obsolete, power to the people or WWG1WGA. Many today would argue that the original vision for the internet failed, that the government and corporations won. But yet we now live in a world where protests are easier to organize than ever before, people's voices are louder than Lions Roars., government are more accountable to their people than ever before, ideas can no longer be censored.

A world where voices or ideas of a single person can propagate around the world and internet take hold faster than you can blink in an eye.

A significant shift of power from government to people has taken place without many of us even realizing.

The pace of change may be slower than some originally predicted, but the original vision of the internet is far from dead.

It maybe 20 to 70 years from now before we know the full potential impact the internet has humanity and traditional societal power structures.

And I very much believe for the same fate for crypto currency.

Will crypto currencies destroy governments, corporations and banks all in one go? Perhaps not. Maybe with the help with the old and new system crypto currencies will shift to a considerable amount of power that government, corporations, banks currently have back to the people and usher in never before seen accountability within the next few years. I am certain.

To begin what is actually XRP made out of we can start with the word CODIUS.


CODIUS is the most advanced smart contract platform that will ever exist. The project was said to be put on hold in 2015, that was a lie. It was never put hold.

CODIUS will be smart contract with integrated payment processing and a variety of privacy options. One more time. Codius will be a smart contract platform that offer multiple privacy options (if required) and "payment processing integration". No other platform can compare, no other platform will have a direct connection to the world banking system.

XRP and CODIUS are going to be used to manage the entire 1 Quadrillion dollar derivatives market. XRP "cough cough" is not a "currency" it is a store of value, DIGITAL GOLD.


Bitcoin and thus the crypto-coin community was founded on the idea of replacing the banks, hell, replacing the currency arms of the governments of the world, through the use of better technology. It failed. It's now more centralized, both in terms of wealth control and network control, than most countries. But this hasn't stopped the idealists from dreaming that Bitcoin or some other tokens will still achieve the original goal.

And now the sleeping giants that run the financial world are starting to wake up and realize they can reap all benefits of crypto-tech without facing drawbacks of giving away control.

Along comes RIPPLE+XRP and says "look, we gift wrapped it for you, you dont even have to figure it out yourself ".

This has created a massive backlash, and the scene is doing everything in their power, including illegal market manipulation, to hold RIPPLE down.

But the scene is just a tiny fishbowl full of thousands of minnows fighting to be the big fish. Meanwhile RIPPLE is already cutting deals with the sharks and the whales of wider oceans. Right now, while the scene bickers over who has the best tech, the best ideals, is the most deserving to come out on top, RIPPLE is busy in the bank offices and the government policy meetings helping to decide the future of crypto in the wide world. They're going to leapfrog this tiny market and capture the Lion's share aka all Royals, Rothschilds. Rockefeller and top 10% wealth's to financial institutions runs the world.

Cryptocurrency is a system that does not rely on a non-cryptocurrency central authority, but instead relies on a non-centralize distributed consensus of cryptocurrency ownership. Using the word "cryptocurrency" repeatedly when defining cryptocurrency makes it seem like we have a cryptocurrency novice's understanding of cryptocurrency.

XRP's role would be to augment the currency system to make it function more effective, so effectively and to scale to handle the entirety of world trade flows. XRP technically has been purpose-designed to do this function, and at sufficiently high enough price it would be able to do this. What is high enough price? If we have 90 trillions (dollars) in global money (2017) and it's to be backed by gold, then total gold supply (190,040 tons) value would need to be at least equal to this.

This gives us $475 gram or $13,425 ounces in today's or past value. So if XRP was to able to move the total value of GOLD CURRENCY then XRP price would need to be at least $900 to $1200 to manage this efficiently.

Remember this is one function that XRP has been designed for.

Additionally Ripple has in escrow circa $50 Billion XRP, which I believe has been allocated or set aside for the purpose of pump priming system to prevent a global financial Armageddon scenario that some pundits are predicting. This coming crash has been prepared for, far along ago , for a long time now and I know XRP is the magic bullet designed to TRANSITION the world's monetary system to the new ECONOMY.

The NOSTRO/ VOSTRO Capital will be used to purchase the remaining XRP being held by RIPPLE in their escrow account (50 Billion XRP) this purchase will take place on an exchange, which will raise the price of XRP to over $2000 per token, the token will be distributed to the IMF who will provide each country their needed amount to remove their debts, once each country has their XRP the price will than transcend per token. Providing each country a surplus for the future.

For those paying attention there is now evidence to support the idea that this new international monetary system [IMS] will be managed by Quantum Computing, I wonder who that is "cough cough" [Q], in what is being referred to as the [QFS] QUANTUM FINANCIAL SYSTEM.

This system I believe requires a stable currency system that is not open to manipulation and intervention. This can be delivered IMO by GOLD STANDARD.
GOLD price will be increased from today's price to a value that makes all CBs solvent - whatever that price needs to be. It will be agreed price between CENTRAL BANKS. Once on [GS] Gold Standard, currency manipulation and devaluations will no longer be possible, it is a fixed rate/ratio against the Gold price. This is the International Monetary Level Playing Field.

All that said, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have a future. The Resistance has begun to include crypto in their plans for the financial TOTAL RESET and will rip out blockchain technologies from the hands of CABAL at the time of EVENTS.

Ripple to XRP

Is a cryptocurrency that has a potential to become the QUASI RESERVE CURRENCY of the planet and replace the OLD SWIFT TO THE NEW RIPPLE.

~ Hai Cao

Now of course, the author of the above may have obvious biases. And some people might write him off entirely for being a "Q follower."

Nonetheless, there are some points worth considering in there.

While I wouldn't take any of the above as investment advice, it cracked my mind open.

Digging in a little deeper and taking an objective look, it felt time to reconsider reallocating some things in my portfolio and updating my strategy to include some Ripple.

Yeah, the whole thing about banks... But, I've grown up a bit over the last few years. (Or so I'd hope.)

While crypto swooping in to completely take over the corrupted banking system might be a fine ideal fit for a comic book... reality.

Crypto may become more popular. And the banks may adapt to changing times. But they aren't going to be going away. Meanwhile, the opportunity to invest in Ripple isn't one just to serve banks, but to serve the people who use them. Bitcoin is in all likelihood not going to become this huge savior currency like the extremists dream. However, Ripple stands a good chance of bringing massive efficiencies to the existing global monetary system that end up benefiting alot of people.

One example: my (former?) wife and I were needing to send some money from Indonesia to Canada recently. It was a huge fucking hassle taking days, which ended up costing something like $40 in fees for less than $500 transferred. It would've cost pennies and taken seconds with XRP.

And cold hard fact: it is superior technology to most cryptocurrencies out there.

As I did move around some funds to buy XRP, it was a huge reality-check of such. While other tokens took alot longer to transfer, XRP was ridiculously fast. Overall, a far better user experience. And this, four years after I started in cryptocurrency. Four years is alot of time for technology to improve in... and nearly none of the other cryptos have upped their game since. WTF.

While we were all hoping for mass adoption 2-3 years ago, practically no projects had the actual capacity to deliver at such a scale. And there aren't alot that do even today. Though to be frank, Ripple is among a handful that actually do.


Some people figure XRP could rise to $1000 or even $10,000 over time...


Maybe. Or maybe not.

Certainly, such a jump from its current $0.18 is a huge increase far out of any sort of "norms." However, consider just how little it's actually being used at this current time - and the magnitudes more it would potentially be used if its adoption goes according to some projections, with the same type of momentum it's been gaining.

In regards to those who pose theories along the lines of it 'absorbing' a huge amount of wealth from derative markets and such that'd drive the price up that high, I'm not sure if that's realistic. I honestly don't know enough about the fundamentals to concretely state that such a transfer of wealth into the Ripple ecosystem would flow directly into XRP, or rather end up as some sort of other stablecoin or token on the XRP ledger - in which case, such propositions might be flawed.

Though one other point of consideration:

Ethereum launched at around $0.20. It peaked out around $1400 - at which time there were barely even any serious use cases other than issuing tokens and holding token sales...

If Ripple does get adopted by an increasing number of banks and becomes a global standard paralleling the SWIFT system, as is foreseen, that alone may be a strong enough fundamental for it to match Ethereum's bottom-to-top run.

Of course, I wouldn't be the house or kids' college funds on it.

Though, even if it didn't perform that well, the type of growth that could be realistically expected with such a professional project with such incredibly strong fundamentals and huge network of institutional partners could be more than enough to buy a house and send the kids to college, with a reasonable investment made at this time.

Who knows.

Though after four years in the crypto scene, seeing many projects come and go, I'm definitely seeing Ripple in a different light at this point as one of the safest bets there is in the market.

In any case, forget what I think.

Here's some more info for you to digest and use to feed your own assessments and decisions...




















This is merely for information & entertainment purposes. Do your own homework & research on ANY cryptocurrency or other investment. 🥂


Undoubtedly, the cryptographic world came to revolutionize the world financial market and to direct it towards a more honest and less corrupt economy. Unfortunately, as you have pointed out, there are already governments and businessmen who have seen a way to get a good slice of this pie. A notorious case is that of the Venezuelan government, which has launched its own crypto-currency. When I read this kind of article, I realize that some countries are still in diapers. For example, in Venezuela the value of cash equals gold. Everyone is looking for cash. The payment platforms are generally down and there is no card issue due to lack of plastic. If you don't have cash, you don't eat. In this country we are in the 20th century. Sad :(

Now this is actually a fine example of where I’d see Ripple having an indefinite advantage over Bitcoin...

Nobody is gonna use Bitcoin as an alternative for cash payments. It’s not possible. it took me average 20-30 minutes last night to make some deposits while moving some around - and when the network was busy last bull run, took days for transactions to complete...

Ripple... 3 seconds. and the network is ready to scale.

While more people have been talking about Ripple for remittance and cross-border solutions, this is a great example of where it may be one of the very few crypto’s that are actually ready for solving such huge global challenges...

I think this is great information. Your two Ripple posts have inspired me to write a post, which I invite you to read.

my post

I am also inviting you to post your articles about banking, finance and cryptocurrency in our Community Banking and Finance. We occasionally have articles on other topics too.
Thanks for the Ripple and XRP information, plus thanks for writing about a middle ground between centralized and decentralized systems.


my post

Great post on RipplE and XRP, it really made me think I need to rethink my very small position in XRP.

I think your article is great. I expect it to reach $ 10, but it is only a matter of time I am invested in xrp . What do you think, where do you see it coming, sir?

I don’t know for certain, but casting aside all my previous biases and taking a cold, hard objective look at the fundamentals, I’m confident that it’s probably got the highest likelihood and strongest reasons for a massive price increase over pretty much everything/anything else in the market right now.

Even comparable to Ethereum, which has been my top choice - the technology is superior. They‘ve both got a huge number of major institutional players onboard, far more than any other crypto projects out there. Yet Ripple’s development really is a lot further.

It was a pretty unexpected turn of opinion, though I really feel it’s probably the strongest investment in crypto right now. As to how far up it’ll go, time shall tell - I don’t want to delude myself with unrealistic expectations, but am quite comfortable with just having put 25% of my portfolio into it...

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