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Many seem to think that Steem has little to offer. They mistakenly believe that token price reflects what is actually going on. Sadly, this has caused many to leave. Mindset often tells the entire story.

I recently read an article about traits of billionaires. One of them is they are often optimistic about what they are doing. Sure, they face challenges, often monumental, on their path to success. However, they have a vision they believe in and can see it unfolding before others.

There was a time when Jeff Bezos was running just a small, online bookstore. Today, he is the richest man in the world.

Elon Musk has been tarred and feathered online more than any human alive. His ventures of Tesla and SpaceX became laughing stocks to many people. Yet, the recent run up in Tesla stock made Elon $9 billion while SpaceX, after Monday's launch, is the largest private satellite company.

I bring this up to highlight the fact that success does not usually happen instantly. It is often years in the making. This is a similarity I see with Steem. There certainly were (and are) problems. However, we keep overcoming them an moving forward. Project teams are hard at work doing what is necessary to make their visions a success.

They say that copying is the best form of flattery. Steem does mirror Tesla in one way. In fact, it also mimics Bitcoin. There is a core group of hodlers here who are dedicated to seeing this through to success. They are doing all they can to keep the activity going in the right direction. This includes investors, developers, and content creators.

The community of Steem cannot be overvalued.

EOS entered the fray with a splash. BlockOne was able to raise a lot of money. This ended up putting it on the radar.

That company is creating a new social media application that Dan Larimer describes as a "Steemit Killer". It appears the release date in February so there is a testnet running. What does one put on a testnest for a social media application.

According to Dan himself, Steem is used.

This image from a post by @ackza.

He did state in the past he was looking at creating Steemit 2.0. I guess using the content that was created by Steemians over the past 3 years is his way of doing it.

Of course, this is one of the beauties of open source. Innovation can be accelerated by using what is already out there and building upon it. The question is whether that will happen in this case.

Another project that got a bit of news is Commun. This is going to be a true Reddit-like site where people are rewarded for posting links. There is a difference between what this project is doing and Steemit...evidently.

But unlike Steemit, which uses one token for the whole network, Commun uses Bancor’s “Bonding Curve” to give each community its own token. So Commun’s art community would have its own token, as would its dog-lovers, DIY-ers, and flat-earthers.

I wonder where they got that idea from? Steem is presently in testnet to implement the ability for each community to have its own token.

Sure, one of the challenges was the length of time that it took to get here. Of course, we can keep bashing the errors of the past or acknowledge that Steemit Inc did get its act together to have a good year in 2019. Either way, SMTs are only a few months away barring any last minute issues cropping up on the testnet.

The Commun project is an interesting one. I do give them credit, they did post on Steem as a way to generate interest.

Here is their announcement post.

If Steem is broken, a piece of shit, worthless, and going to zero, why is everyone trying to copy it? Why do we keep hearing about Steemit killers? I mean, do we hear about Amazon coming to be the killer of some worthless online store that has no value?

Obviously, this is not the case. Everyone is targeting Steem without realizing what Steem is. It is not the technology that makes it great. In fact, it is open source, thus can be forked. Instead, the power of Steem is in the dedication of the people who are here on a daily basis seeking to make it a success.

One thing I think Dan is learning is that it is easier to create superior technology than it is to get people to adopt it. The later is the hardest part of all. This is something marketers know all too well but, unfortunately, developers can overlook.

At the same time, Steem advanced from where it was even a year ago. Soon, Steem will be offering most of the capabilities that most of the Top 10 blockchains are offering. In fact, from a social media perspective, it laps them in that Steem has fee-less transactions. This is something that EOS and Ethereum cannot offer.

Ultimately, most, including myself, are not going to care. "The more the merrier" I say. We are working on laying the foundation for Web 3.0. Our path is only enhanced by having more ways people can be rewarded, regardless of where those rewards come from. Hey, if I can earn some Commun-related tokens, I am happy to do so. By the same thought process, if I can get some Voice tokens for my comments, I have no problem with that.

However, it is repeatedly being proven that simply having an idea of a better way of doing something does not lead to the next "Steemit Killer". For the past two years, I cannot count the number of projects that got that title only to drift off into oblivion. It is a catchy title but it takes a lot to get to where Steem developed into.

Perhaps some day there will something that comes along and makes Steem like MySpace. The challenge with that analogy is that MySpace basically remained the same for years. Steem is an evolving ecosystem with new features, tribes, tokens, and ideas added on a regular basis. We are not at the same place we were three months ago and will certainly be in a different place three months from now.

I am optimistic that those who remained on Steem will be handsomely rewarded in the future. The optimistic outlook is going to pay off big time when some of the ventures roll out what they have planned. It is just a matter of developing what is in the minds of some people, which is happening.

In the end, there are more than 7 billion people on this planet, more than half of whom are online. Over the next 5-7 years, there will be the remainder added.

With that number, it is not unreasonable for a couple hundred million people to find their way to Steem-related applications.

That is the potential that exists for this blockchain.

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Golos, Whaleshares, Smoke, Bearshares, Kharma, killers, clones, hardforks, copycats and STEEM and Steemit are still standing.

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Definitely an optimistic outlook but not an impossible one. There is something to be said for Steemit still being around and working through their issues in real time. All the potential Steemit killers are just that, potential. It's one thing on paper but an entirely different thing when you try to put it in practice. While the competitors stumble over the same problems Steemit has encountered hopefully we will continue to improve and evolve past them.

..Ooh man...things are happening!.. in my opinion it’s like in every business, concurrence pushes every business/project or product..the thing is to make people know that they are copying steem!..could be a nice publicity for steem..we should start to mention in every post, that it’s originally posted on they work for us..thank you very much for this detailed post, real interesting..of course up..resteemed.. steem on!..

Yeah. The key is for Steem to keep pushing forward and lapping the field. Our number of posts might be down but they do outpace all else that is out there in the blockchain world.

The development is key.

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Just wait until a certain day this year. It's finally Year 120!

Love your optimism and I mirror the sentiment. The whole idea of being a "Steemit killer" already points at the fact that they're doing something right. I run into people who whine about the reward system and I remember one person I met on Publish0x while shilling Steem there crying about Pioneerism or something like that, all that and more may indeed be problems in this dynamic system but I reckon we've made plenty progress in a short space of time.

Either way, there are a shit ton of people available in the world and one hundred million people around here will be a big win.

People do not realize all systems have their drawbacks.

I have asked people who complain about the reward system (which is obviously not ideal) what is better out there? Other crypto projects promised it but failed to deliver.

One might some day but it is not that way so far.

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Ha ... that is interesting .... playing around with the steem database :)

We have a powerhorse in steemmonsters and steem-engine. We have an already established community that has witnessed all the ups and downs and are still here. Voice shall be tested, that's certain, Let's see what happens

Super happy to be doing my bit with @naturalmedicine. Organic growth, strong foundation.

when voice? lol - happy new year taskmaster, steem on!

Nice article! I hope that this coins is going to gain value again.

How about the wizards over @devtome and @devcoin ? I think they've been copied quite a few times over the last 30+ years :)

Voice could work or voice could be a really expensive referral program for steem, let's wait and see shall we

Ha, brilliant. Yes.

How can Dan be copying Steemit, since he was one of the creators?

Isn't this called an itteration, where you have something you worked on, and work on it to creat a better version?

And about the screenshot, it looks a bit out of context.

Specially when he saying that the Steemit content is loaded on a internal testnet. You know, where things are tested before public release. And isn't Steem blockchain data public? What is the big deal in using it for internal testing?

Sorry man, but this post here is more like a Steemit Shilling Post, mixing half-truths in the middle of it's content.

I don't think this is what this network needs...

Dan himself said that Voice was a Steemit Killer, the point is that Dan wanted to kill Steemit and now he is using it. So much for a Killer.

Posted via Steemleo | A Decentralized Community for Investors

Erm... What?

What I can see here is that he is using the steemit database, wich is public. He gave up steemit a looong time ago, right after the aggrandizement drama...

Shit... People are really still so overhyped that twist facts to try shill steem even more?

Damn... It seems nothing really changed around here in the past 2 years...

If you hate so much Steem why are still here???

Posted via Steemleo | A Decentralized Community for Investors

Aaand here we go, to another problem that hasn't changed...

Everytime somebody criticizes anything related to Steem, it's content, it's system or it's users its that person is a "steem hater"...

You know, if everybody just hold hands and and sing along how awesome steem is, nothing will evolve.

Besides, this have nothing to do with the topic here. The topic is "let's talk about how bad it is to use twisted half-truths to shill something"

I know, its a problem for crypto in general. Say something moon-boyish and you'll be honored, share genuine concern in anyway about a blockchain/cryptocurrency and everyone ragequits on you. There seems to be very little rational thinking when money is involved.

Steem so far seems to be the most decentralized platform. But the very serious issue that nobody wants to talk about is the fact that true Youtube stars don't care about being on Steem. We need to figure out why this is. Tim Pool started out here! We need to know why he left. If this is going to be solved we have to know why other cool guys like Joe Rogan, Valuetainment,Eric Weinstein, Jordan Peterson and the rest of the intellectual dark web don't bother posting here.

About decentralized platform for videos, check out what @justineh wrote about this subject. It's really interesting.

But as for no known content creator caring about steem I can list a few probable reasons:

1 - the user interface sucks. It can't attract "normal" users like other social media because its too complicated
2 - steem have an old fame of being a scam, because of all the ninja mine that happened at the begining of the blockchain.
3 - those with steem power/influence are too busy circle jerking each other to bother to look outside.
4 - There is no real incentive to abandon well stablished and fully functional platforms to join steem
5 - steem inc./ned have no idea what they are doing
6 - a big part of the funds are being redirected to stuff that bring dubious value
7 - there is always somebody coming up with "great" ideas, like the @sbdpotato that direct attention and rewards to totally useless projects
8 - most of the community sucks, it's hard to find interesting things to read, because there is not many interesting creators.

I could add a few more, but I have to go to sleep now...

Yeah, I pretty much agree with everything you said. It is sad because I like the idea of decentralized blogging, but far too much was done wrong with Steem to repair it seems.

And you solve problems in steem by downvoting!!! Congrats champ you are awesome!!!

Posted via Steemleo | A Decentralized Community for Investors

Bro, what kind of drugs are you using? Please let me know because I want some...

Who talked about downvotes? And where you saw any downvote from me around here?

Also, you clearly doesn't understand why we have downvotes...

3 downvotes from your alt accounts

Posted via Steemleo | A Decentralized Community for Investors

I think the fear here is that if it is so easy to copy, what is going to give steem any real value? What makes it different in the sense it should be worth tremendously more than others?

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