2020 Kia e-Niro EV Review and Road Test

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There are 3 Kia Niro models to choose from PHEV, Self charging hybrid and the e-Niro.

The Kia e-Niro is an electric crossover and quite staggeringly (for being out for a year) still has a sizeable waiting list!

This fully electric e-Niro is powered by a 64 kW motor, one speed automatic transmission and a lithium-ion battery which has preheating.

The model we had on test was the first edition however the one you can buy today is the '4'.

What is it that really appeals about this electric crossover?

We had the vehicle on review for seven days, and the thing that staggers you about it, is that it has a 282 mile range however if you take into the city it increases to 382 miles.

Over the course of seven days we took the Kia electric crossover to the Lake District up and down some hills looking for snow, testing its capabilities and seeing how range was affected with the cold, steep climbs, and erratic driving.

It's roomy, practical and full of premium materials as well as great tech and it produces 395nm of torque and has 201bhp, meaning it is punchy.

It will wheelspin and it'll give you a rather engaging drive and it hits 60 in 7.5 seconds.

It comes with adaptive cruise control with stop-go and this smart EV will even give you tips on how to economise.

The regen system on the e-Niro is rather smart and you activate it using the paddles on the back of the steering wheel.

Similar to the system that you would use to change gear on a sporty car, the paddles operate the three levels of regen.
On three we managed to recoup a few miles back into our battery.
The system works exceptionally well - one thing we did notice when you got in the vehicle after say 24 hours the range had not dropped.

The 4 Edition comes with a bigger infotainment screen and LED headlamps to mention but a few, and it retails for just £34,495.00 with the government grant.

This is a remarkable electric vehicle, try one.

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