Arkonik 1984 Land Rover Defender 110 6.2L LS3 Tarox AutoSport Performance & Tuning 2019

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AutoSport: every single year, you will find the crazy, completely mind blowing and not the kind of thing that you really expect to see.

AutoSport encompasses the performance and tuning car show, this may give you a clue.

One vehicle we didn't expect to see was a Land Rover Defender, a 1984 model to be exact, boutiqued was an understatement.

UJO Arkonik is one Defender you won't be ploughing through a field, not to say It can't do it you just wouldn't.

This particular model is sprayed in Stratos blue and cream pearl and has a six speed automatic box, okay now your thinking wonder what powers this?

Well it isn't going to be the TDI, well no not quite, we'll get to it. It's eight seater and it's pretty kitted out as well when you open the driver's door a sidestep will pop out electronically's.

It has graphics on the underside, illuminated arches and all types of things suspension Bilstein, Eibach springs, Tarox six piston front and rear.

One thing that is standard is the grill as is the bumper, headlamps well they're LED's.

Now let's get to the engine - What are you thinking is going to be in this vehicle?

It is powered by 6.2 L LS3 430bhp V8, performance is somewhat unbelievable.

It's full of modifications but okay it's from 1984 is it not going to be a bit used?

Well you get a full restoration including frame off including new bulkhead yes that's where most Land Rovers rot, a new engine and transmission, new electrics, new suspension, new steering, new fuel system, new instrument cluster, new floor covering, it is now been insulated and has sound dampening, Windows all new and you have air-conditioning and an interior light, ambient which changes colour.

This D110 is something else.

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