BMW Boulevard & M8 Prototype at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019

in Planet Auto2 years ago

BMW always showcases a large collection at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

You've already seen M Town, well Boulevard features other models such as rarer marques - we will get to that though.

You can see that the 8 Series was featured as well as an i8 Roadster.

However there was one car we've never ever seen before that in a word absolutely amazed us.

Now the 8 series back in the '90s was a very desirable car. Did you know BMW designed and manufactured an M8 prototype?

The M8 took pride of place in a sealed area where it shone.

The BMW M8 prototype is powered by an S70 6.1L V12 627bhp engine. The familiar pop up lights were removed for cooling for the monster engine.


The8, one of my favourite. I saw the presentation in Italy.

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