Rolls Royce at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019

in Planet Auto2 years ago

Rolls Royce started out life back in 1906, however it was before that in 1884 when Henry Royce started a company that would change his life dramatically.

In 1904 Henry Royce built his first car. In May that year, he met Charles Roll in the Midland Hotel, Manchester seller of quality cars.

In 1906 success of the cars led to RR being formed and the release of - what became know as - 'The best car in the world' all within one year, the 6 cylinder Silver Ghost.

The rest is history, now as we all likely know, Rolls Royce has been under control of various companies including Vickers, VW and BMW.

Rolls Royce at Goodwood is always a big thing, they have pride of place in a special area with rotating plinths etc.

This year showcased a number of new models including Black Badge variants such as the Wraith, as well as the Phantom and of course the brands SUV, the Cullinan.

Goodwood also offer a concierge service which features Rolls Royce motor cars that you can be chauffeured in.

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