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Manx blood courses through my veins, therefore i do like bikes, i've stood on the side of the Tourist Trophy trying to get shots of rockets hurtling along 180mph and on...

I had a lot of pictures of bits road with no subject, and i'd think if I took a photo of this, i'd have a lot of the same.

The ARC Vector is a £90,000 electric bike with some clever bits including LED's and adaptive regen, and each bike is personalised to it's owner.

The bike debuted on the hillclimb in 2019, ARC came to fruition from JLR white space Skunk Works.

The specs are quite something

Charge time with CCS - 40min
Limited edition - 399 motorcycles
Voltage - 399V
Battery capacity - 16.8kWh
Weight - 220kg
Range - 436km (NEDC cycle)
Top speed - limited to 200kmph
0-62 - 3.2s

Want more craziness? You can even get feedback and notifications whilst reading fine tuning your experience as well a helmet with a HUD built in.

The ARC Vector features carbon fibre parts, custom Öhlins dampers and Brembo Stylema brakes.

Find out more at

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