Another 'Fake' Post to Grace the Masses...!!!

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While scrolling down my shortlist of 'Drafts', I stumbled across this one entitled 'Another FAKE Post... to Grace the Masses...!!!' of which I've finally decided to finish...!!!

Everything above the previous paragraph is what this draft contained😏 NOTHING...!!! Except for the title. This leaves me in a precarious position.

Precarious - synonyms: uncertain · insecure · unreliable · unsure · unpredictable · undependable · risky

Since I wasn't sure if 'precarious' was a good, or proper choice of a word to use in that last sentence, I checked the meaning and listed the synonyms for my tired eyes to reference. (It was not an attempt to suggest you might be more stupid than me...)

You might be more tired than me, but probably equally as stupid (When it comes to some things)


But, yeah... I guess it's a suitable word choice? After all, I was feeling sort of 'uncertain' and 'insecure' a minute or so ago. Not now though... I've overcome my insecurities somehow; spontaneously?!?!?!?

Every insecurity I've ever managed to let accumulate within my tender soul, has magically just vanished...!!! It's somewhat of a miracle I guess? I probably should be at least a bit more excited about this phenomena or at least FAKE being exuberantly happy and mystified, but I'm not.

For the sake of my friends and potential readers of this post, here on the Steem blockchain, I choose to be honest. Even when I'm writing fake shit stuff, I have a strong desire to remain honest... It's merely a fault of mine and one of which I should strive to overcome; I guess?


I sure hope this post is up to the standards of FAKE by now, because I'm tired of writing it already. Maybe it's not fake enough...?!?!?

OH LORDY... That would be a shame. Besides not being fake enough, plus a 'short format' style of which is highly frowned upon by some connoisseurs of content quality, I'm greatly at risk of being scorned once again.

Screw it...

I'm outta here, my friends... See ya again in another day or two; or three😏

Till then, try to smile a bit more; it's good for your health; and guards against the devastating onslaught of Covid-19 infestation.


Another Preposterous Post by

@AngryMan April 10, 2021