Daily Blog # 2,007,000 on Steemit (Potato Wars)

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I have been posting on Steemit for about ten years now; long before the Steem Block-chain even existed, according to my well kept records...

I think the number of posts I published here has been a lot more actually, because if I'm remembering correctly, I forgot to log a few in my records.



There isn't very much exciting happening around in my neck of the woods - it's been mostly the same old boring crap, except for people fighting over the last remaining potato in the bin at the produce market.

It's not that there's a shortage of potatoes... the Produce Manager enjoys to watch customers battle each other on the floor, so he purposely holds back putting all the spuds out; to instill fear of a shortage within the minds of the downtrodden.

Once in awhile, he'll get on the public address system and announce a new dwindling supply of potatoes on order to amass a large fighting crowd in the store, when shoppers notice the potato bin going bare.


He once told me that he HATES Vegans as much as potatoes, so it brings him a lot of joy to see people he hates, killing each other over produce that he hates... He also said that it makes his boring job a lot more tolerable on a daily basis.

It sounds logical to me, but then again most things seem logical in my mind, since becoming interested in Buddhism, and shaving all the hair off my body, chanting Ohmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnn... in a cross-legged position.

Well, my friends... That's about all the most important stuff I feel you might need to know, for now. Maybe I'll stop back later with additional interesting local news to help you arrange your priorities in life.

Till next time; enjoy your day, it may be your last...


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March 20, 2021

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