Ending the Disease, May Have Begun with 'GAME STOP'...???

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Do you think this movement to shake up the rigged, traditional financial world will come to a halt anytime soon? I don't; unless, that is... it all comes crashing down as a result.

Social networks are abuzz with theories, commentaries and just plain chatter- back and forth, so much so, that it's hard to bear on one hand, yet enjoyable on another :>)

What does seem obvious, there are multiple entities acting and re-acting in various ways, for different reasons. A big problem for all is that our standard Fiat money, regardless whether it's based upon petrol, credit or soy beans is becoming more and more clearly evident that the whole system is fraudulent.

Those behind the scenes who are most familiar with this phony, propped up system and partaken long and hard, have ultimately realized that they have created a huge, tangled web. The web has been weaved so far and wide, that they have begun entrapping themselves within the long, convoluted sticky strands.

Now... some of the culprit's anger have turned to deadly fear... the ones who have been caught; watching the huge, hungry figures approach with snapping jaws; ready to devour their squirming flesh...

Some of those old-timers I suspect, will never feel the powerful chomping upon their limbs; they will reach their demise by way of their own hand or simple heart failure.

This world has become so egregiously infected by a disease born of lust and spread by the infectious hands of greed.

Perhaps... now there is finally a cure upon the horizon? Able to be administered by the awakened masses, effectively eradicating the infectious spread at it's source?



Feb. 1, 2021

Image: Compliments of Pixabay.com

Interesting choice of topic @angryman

Issue around Gamestop definetly brought so much attention to stock markets and exposed some real issues.

I've been wondering: would it be possible and profitable to open short positions on gamestop right now, while price is so high and assuming that very unlikely it will still grow much?
Could hedge funds make billions by shorting it right now?

What do you think?

Cheers, Piotr

Thanks for your message @crypto.piotr.

I've been wondering: would it be possible and profitable to open short positions on gamestop right now...

Short of being a big money player AND insider, I would not be so presumptuous as to suggest a strategy for trading. My stake is relatively small on Wall Street and I do not actively trade on a regular basis.

Hope your day is a happy one.

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Thank you... I'll check it out.