Good Morning... Friends & Enemies- Alike...

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Hello everyone... Well, not EVERYONE...!!! I don't think that everyone in the world will be scrambling to my page to anxiously click on this post and open it up! THAT would probably be foolish of me, to think otherwise.

Yet, perhaps I'm wrong? Maybe most people around the globe will read this post, then share my "Good Morning" greeting with other people in their circle of friends and family? In that way, I would have at least reached every human in existence...

That would be nice, to know that I brought a smile to every face- globally.


Maybe, not everyone who sees this post, or shares the message with others are going to smile regardless? Maybe they're in too much physical or emotional pain to have such a common greeting bring a smile to their face? Maybe they'll growl instead and curse me out?

I don't care... They can utter whatever sounds they choose, from the depth of their soul-less, rotting flesh...!!! As long as they don't pick up a garden shovel and chase me with it, I won't have to shoot them in the groin.

Aren't you happy to have come across a post here on social media, that is presented in a blatantly, honest fashion? I like honesty... I like to be legitimate... truthful... real... unpretentious and all THAT stuff...!!! There's enough fake crap going on with people and from people, pretending to be truthful. I don't care to add to that crowd.


Now that I've been perfectly candid with you, here's a claim that I probably can't fulfill, but I honestly wish I could...

For every 100% up-vote I get for this post, I'm going to donate $10,000. to everyone's household funds, who are living below poverty level- worldwide.

So, send me the address of someone you know who needs the money (They must prove they're poor) even if it's YOU... I'll be compiling the addresses till such time I have all known poor people on my list, before I start personally delivering the cash to them.

Well... That's about it for now. I'll be sitting here waiting and watching the rewards roll in over the next seven days from all the benevolent people here... The rest of you can go jump in a lake filled with nuclear waste for all I care...!!!

Have a Happy day.


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on - April 6, 2021

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Never mess with the angryman, unless you want to get shot in the groin. :>0

That's right... Just leave me alone... (A simple request) AND send money directly to my wallet, consistently for distribution to animal rescue orgs. and similar non-profits FOR 'the animals'; I've given up on most people (I hate them) and wish Gates would just speed up the euthanasia program...!!!

Speaking of wallet. Have you ever withdrawn any money from your Steem or Hive accounts? If you have, what is the easiest way to do that? I haven't a clue how it is done? :-)

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Hi @quotes-haven... Easiest way depends upon a few factors, like what exchange you might use, your country (laws) and the bank of which you use- for instance (rules). Cryptocurrency will truly moon when it becomes easy to move fiat to crypto and the reverse. As it stands now, for most of us, it is a multi-step process- unfortunately.

Here's a recent article (below) of an author asking similar question, with some responses in comments that may be more helpful for you.

Right, thank you for your reply. Still a rather complicated process. I hope things will be easier soon.

Have a great weekend. Cheers!

Are you in the stimulus business now?

I was just in a three hour hate fest on a FB page called The Crones of Anarchy. I got slammed by over 400 hateful comments for asking if there were anyone in the group who was questioning getting the jab. And I was the one whose comments got deleted by an admin without explanation. Some anarchy group. Three hours of my life wasted. When will I ever learn?

Well... I suspect the first part of your comment is satire or of similar nature, so my answer is YES... I've designated myself as supreme , benevolent, benefactor of the highest order...!!! I'll require the Gates, Rockefellers, Soros and other foundations to back me with funds though, before I can end poverty globally.

I don't indulge with FB or most other S&M sites presently, so all I can say is... "good luck" with them.