Stop 'THINKING' Too Much & Start Doing 'MORE'..'

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Since I haven't been very active here, or anywhere else in recent days, I got the urge to make a post from @hive-16808 (Free Speech Community) for some strange reason.

The reason...???

Answer: I DON'T KNOW... but, I'm definitely not going to strain my brain over trying to come up with unnecessary answers to worthless questions :>) Like a lot of us waste our time with.


Have you ever thought about thinking less and just doing more? I've been in that frame of mind more-so these days than probably ever before. I was always a thinker... and most likely often over thought most of what I ever was thinking about.

What a total waste of time THAT was... I still slip into that mode of existence in moments of weakness, but I've pretty much conquered the over-thinking bad habit.

I'm a LOT HAPPIER too...


That's about all I have to say for now, my friends. Till next time, stay healthy or GET that way.



March 30, 2021 on


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Thank you @acom for your support and inspiration :>) It's very much appreciated.

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