Thank you. Ashwagandha serves to help boost the immune system, so it may possibly help covid jab injury. You're not injured by it... are you?

That kitten was brought to me months ago, by my stray cat friend 'Speedy' who might have been the father. Now, he just showed up with another one a few days ago. I'm working with her to get her used to human touch, litter box trained, etc. Then I'll find her a home.

^two words , uh oh now it's more than that , will I do the usual rambling? nahhhh but glad the Ashwagandha post got the love it deserved, my posts are all over the place which is the point....or at least mine, I like you founded an initiative etc...freespeechcommunity muy bien and ciao

Yeah, my posts are all over the place 'reward wise'- especially on Hive where the "decentralized" platforms Centralized rulers act in malevolent ways to hinder small account growth, when you're not a sheepish member of the club.

oh yes, a lot of the dpos 'worlds' are cultish , scammy and sociopathic, hope that all works out for some.....most will get hosed SO hard but I digress