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The yellow-throated marten is a marten species and mostly lives in Asia. They are omnivores and can kill some bigger animals like deer and monkeys. They are very furious and sometimes attack humans if feel threatened. Mostly they are found in pairs. They are very elusive animals and it is difficult to find them. In Margalla Hills they are having a population. Marten was on my wishlist and I always tried to find them whenever I went birding in Margalla hills. Finally today I saw them and also got some decent shots.



They are very aggressive animals. Mostly they travel into thick bushes and are very hard to photograph. The yellow-throated marten has a long tail and is also brightly colored like black, golden-yellow, and brown. My encounter with this beauty was for a very short time. The Marten couple just reached to drink water on a water pond where I was doing birding. As I was camouflaged but still they felt my presence, drank the water quickly, and again vanished into the jungle.




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