Look at Sky [email protected]/14/6/2021

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hello to all my steam friends. I hope that you will be fine by the grace of Allah .I am also fine too .first of all I tell you about him self. I get up early in the morning and go to Mosque and offere fajr prayer .then I recite the Holy Quran. I came back to home and go out .I take some exercise daily for a while .I eat my breakfast rapidly .after eating the meals I go out in the fields and work with his brother .after working I came back to home and take bath and go to bazar .first of all I drink the juice in these days the weather is very hot. I go to the shop of sweets and eat some sweets after eating some things. I meet to my friends and we are all busy in the playing cricket .we play cricket whole day.
today I will tell you about the sky electricity
. in the previous night the weather is very bad .there are clouds everywhere. the Wind is blowing very fast.
we were working in the fields. in the morning time the weather is very clear .after 4 o'clock the wind is blowing slowly .and after sometime the powerful storm is blowing .there is a dust everywhere .and after sometime the clouds appear at the sky. the sky colour is black with the clouds .the clouds are thundering .I have seen the complete seen with his eyes
.and after sometime the rain starts slowly .at night the sky electricity looks very beautiful. I see all the scene of sky electricity with his eyes .the sky electricity have created a horror in the hearts of people .and in this condition The Rain become fast. I have seen the sky electricity with his eyes.

In the morning the crops were looking very beautiful with the rain .there is greenery everywhere .Trees are looking very beautiful .and the next day the rain again starts. the weather become cool .the people are enjoying the rainy day .at the end I hope that you will like my theme.


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