Repurpose Old TOYS: Fun Ways to Reuse LEGO , TOYS and More by Crafty Panda

Have you got some old toys laying about? How about turning them into something useful with a bit of DIY magic?! Create some lovely accessories or home decor pieces by reusing old toys! Stay positive and stay tuned for a lot more fun old toy hacks and toy recycling ideas by Crafty Panda!

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00:00 Crazy Lego Shoes
00:46 Xylophone Windchime
01:55 Lego Cork Board
03:03 Horse Necklace
04:04 Home Phone Case
05:14 Lego Lamp
06:10 Toy Fanny Pack
07:15 Puzzle Set Heart
08:32 Soft Toy Backpack
09:43 Superhero Book Holder

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