FUN PARTY GAMES || 8 Cool Party Games for the Whole Family

It’s game time, people! Let’s fight boredom with some amazing family DIY games! Don’t have bowling pins at home? Not a problem! Let’s make a water bottle version! And it’s so much more fun! If you have one of those step counters laying about, you can use these for a fun game too! And if all else fails, make a fun candy elevator using some delicious skittles and a pencil! Stay tuned for all of these and many more awesome party game ideas!

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00:18 Candy Elevator
01:57 Water Bottle Bowling
03:16 Cheeto Head
04:58 Tea Party
06:11 Step Counter Game
07:54 Card Throwing Game
08:53 Mouse Pad
10:09 Reusable Tic Tac Toe Board

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