EAT that FOOD PRANK! 7 Funny DIY Food Pranks by Crafty Panda

Who is the best ally to choose when you have an urge to prank someone? Why, it’s the fridge, of course! Usually, it’s filled with all sorts of cool food items to help you out with your master plan! Create some... mmm… delicious-looking… green eggs! Or perhaps ice cream made with playdough! Or, if you’re feeling extra spicy, you can always create your own DIY glue gum! All of these prank ideas are sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces! And, of course, don’t forget to stay tuned for more amazing and funny DIY prank war ideas and hacks by Crafty Panda!

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00:04 Edible Cellophane
01:26 Play Dough IceCream
02:28 Glue Gum
04:06 Green Eggs
05:27 Jelly Banana
07:22 Mayo Desert
08:55 Doritos Bag Prank

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