GIRLY FASHION || 13 Cool Fashion Hacks Old Clothes Recycle Ideas

It’s a common first world problem to get our favorite clothes ripped, stained, or simply ruined! Luckily, we always have DIY hacks to back us up! Discover quite a few awesome ways to turn your old clothes into something stylish! Create a lovely heart-shaped back for your dress, upcycle old t-shirts to give them a new look, or make your own handbag from a bamboo mat! Stay tuned for more awesome fashion hacks and clothes recycling ideas!

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00:00 Heart Shaped Cut-Out
00:55 T-Shirt with Zipper Shoulders
01:56 Puzzle Necklace
02:52 From Dress to Jumpsuit
03:43 Bamboo Table Mat Bag
04:17 Simple T-shirt Cut Out Design
05:13 Bleached and Coloured Shorts
06:03 From Shirt to Skirt
06:45 Foxy Backpack
07:35 Space Shoes
08:26 From Scarf to Short
09:49 Sideless Sports Shirt
10:33 Film Bow Tie

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