DIY DECOR || 10 Fun Home Decor Ideas & Decorating Hacks

Do your walls seem boring? Is the design just not right? Well, no problem! Here are a couple of fun home design ideas and hacks to cozy up that dull apartment! Discover a way to reuse that tall stack of shoeboxes you have piled up by turning them into neat shelves! Learn how to paint your dull wall with lovely clouds or hexagonal designs! Or instead of attaching a banana to the wall, attach a cone of ice cream! No idea is too crazy for us! Stay tuned for all these and even more amazing home interior design ideas, wall decorating hacks, and room decorating tips from Crafty Panda!

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00:21 Painting clouds
01:25 DIY Mattress
02:26 Shoebox Shelves
03:30 Potato Masher Stamp
04:39 Kokedama
05:53 Hexagonal Paint
07:02 Ice Cream On The Wall
08:42 Random Dots Accident
09:18 Pillowcase Pom-pom Deco
11:07 Skateboard Shelf

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