DIY Crafts with Epoxy! 9 Fun Home Decor Ideas & Accessories by Crafty Panda

Let’s dabble in some epoxy resin crafts, shall we? Learn how to make your own DIY resin earrings, a phone case, or a bunch of other accessories! Create your own beautiful table and so much more! Stay tuned for all of these and more amazing DIY home decor ideas and accessories by Crafty Panda!

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0:04 Lens Earrings
0:54 Ikea Table
2:46 Tealight Holder
4:11 Resin Phone Case
5:03 Resin Bangle
6:09 Gummy Bear Coaster
7:19 Cement Jewelry
8:15 Resin Tray
9:20 Wire Frame Earrings

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