Steemit Philippines Open Mic Week #3 Contest ( Himig ng Pag-ibig by ASIN ) @eivor22

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Hello steemians!

I am still excited to join this contest organized by Miss @olivia08. This is such a fun activity :) I am truly honored to be a apart of it.

Music is a apart of my life. This is my way of expressing my feelings. Through it, I feel I am heard.
So, whenever there's a chance for me to sing, anywhere and any time, I always grab the chance to do so :)
Joining here can be a way too to enhance my skill in singing :D

This time, I am going to sing Asin's song which is entitled " HIMIG NG PAG-IBIG".
I hope you enjoy this song dedicated to everyone :)

I chose this song mainly because of a friend. It has been a long time since I last saw him, I think it has been nearly 2 years. He usually requested this song whenever we were in some karaoke bars. He is very special to me, for he is one of those people who sincerely believes in me and always pushes me to pursue my dreams. He is also one of those people who will definitely stay with me no matter what, and who is there to always lend a helping hand. He is a genuine friend I will surely keep.

I have just sent him a message today telling him how I miss him.
I am not really sure why he really likes this song, but the song is nice and very meaningful though.

When I listened to it and understood the lyrics, I fell in love with it.
I suddenly miss being in love again. This song strikes me much because of the words in it saying that love is really magical. Although love hurts sometimes, it still gives us joy.

Thank you for sparing your time listening to my angelic voice :D

 last month 

this song reminds me of my friend too. I love this song. ang galing!

 last month (edited)

This song makes me emotional every time I listen to it, though it's a love song hehehe.. Thank you !

 last month 

Salamat sa pagsali, good luck

 last month 

Thank you po :)

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