Why I would make a good steem Country Representative for Philippines!

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Brief Summary of My History on Steem

I encountered steemit when my life was no direction at all, I was lost on what to do as in that particular moment I am working in a government agency here in the Philippines as a civil engineer. It was a mundane afternoon and I was just searching for some side hustles on the internet and I think I was searching for online jobs or how to make money online and then I came across an article about a crypto powered social media platform which steemit is the first to do and I think the only social media platform based on cryptocurrency during that time.

Most of my contents back then were artworks as I joined a lot of weekly drawing contest and won some of those along the line. Then I felt the sudden urge to share this amazing platform to my fellow engineers and my former classmates in college. To cut the story short I built a community here in our province and me as the leader of them, we help others who we only knew on steemit and do meetups to teach them the basics and some tips on steemit.

Communities That I am Involved in


This was our first meeting as core members of steemph laguna three years ago, with me as the leader of this community that curates and assists newbie members on steemit. Back then, we also promoted Steemit to our close friends, who quickly grew in number.
@julstamban | @patricjames | @pamdejesus | @mikeam | @engraaron | @engrkevz | @dwin0603 | @helsy


So I was a contributor in utopian io back then and then became a moderator as well. I was a regular contributor to a lot of opensource applications and moderated a lot of contributions as well. My job as a mod is like a curator but I decide whether to recommend a certain contributions to be upvoted as I checked the qualities of the works posted.

✅PROMOSTEEM (@julstamban Promoter - Philippines)

I am a current member of the Promo Steem Promoter Team ofcourse for the Philippines, I contributed steem shirts, masks,and some graphics as well to the community. I also organized some meetups for the Philippines community.


This online meetup was my idea as soon as @arie.steem recruited me as the Promoter for the Philippines. I actually do small online meetup to promote steem prior to that large scale Google meetup where a lot of attendees came from Cebu thru @jassennessaj. The small online meetups where I presented to some of the influencers here in Ph.


I also contributed some graphics to the Steemit Philippines Community where @loloy2020 is a witness to this. And once I upped my Steem Power I immediately delegated 500 SP to this community.



This contest was able to produce 6 new signups and also helping the subscribers of Promo Steem Community to be more engaged in promoting Steem and Steemit to their friends who wanted to know more about this platform.

Why I Think I would make a Good Country Representative

With my experience in community building four years ago as the Steemph Laguna lead and also as the Promo Steem Promoter Philippines is enough I think for a consideration to be listed as one of the Country Representatives. With my position as a PromoSteem Promoter which actually complimented really well as Country Representative as I could help and guide new steemians here particularly in the Philippines.

My engagement in a lot of communities and experience as a member of a lot groups that related to stem could be beneficial to a lot of new signups in the Philippines. I actually continued to create articles and a regular poster even during the lowest value of stem and sbd.

I always told the new ones to just do and share what you are passionate about here on Steemit and earnings will just follow along the line. I am actually applying for this position not for myself but to actually help communities here in the Philippines to reach and climb a higher mountain and that is to be successful in their crafts and be a better version of themselves as steemit as part of their life.

Thanks for reading hoping to get some support with my fellow Pinoy Steemians here.
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Sorry for tagging you guys hope you could help me on this matter, I just want to support the Philippines community

 5 months ago 

You deserve it! I know you can make a difference!

 5 months ago 

thanks for the compliment @nickjon!

 5 months ago 

By the way, huge favor to have the link of the ppt about the beginners guide because i want to promote steemit to my students and fellow teachers! Huge thanks!

 5 months ago 

hi @nickjon here is the google drive link Click here

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Huge thanks!

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edit mo na lang po Sir, mejo rough draft lang yan e

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Maraming salamat talaga sir

 5 months ago 

All the very best of luck @julstamban.

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thanks morikin :))

 5 months ago 

you help most of us here so I think you deserve it

 5 months ago 

thanks sana mapili talaga

talagang deserve mo maging country representative!

 5 months ago 

thanks ven

you really deserve it juls, keep it up!

 5 months ago 

thanks aaron sana sana

super deserving bro! hope you'd be selected!

 5 months ago 

thanks bro!

You really trully super deserve it, hope you could be an inspiration to more of us here

 5 months ago 

thanks a bunch for the support!

Your effort to the steem blockchain is so much recognised. I'm convinced that, your participation to be a country representative will be ao beneficial to your community to enhance their growth. I wish you all the best in this. Make it big with your entry @julstamban

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thanks bro mcsamm for always dropping by the comment section yeah ✅

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Salamat sa suporta bro at congratulations.

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maraming salamat din sa suporta nyo sana makuha ko hehe, para mabilis din maverify mga bagong recruits na Pinoy

Count me in to support @julstamban. Looking forward seeing you bringing the banner.

 5 months ago 

thanks Jassen! salamat sa support

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My support is with you @julstamban!

 5 months ago 

thanks maam @jenesa :))

you are fit to be a CR juls
i support you

 5 months ago 

thanks @arie.steem hoping to be chosen as one of the CR to better support my community

We are all witnesses to your hard work and passion for steemit. You gave us all opportunities here in steemit. You shared everything and gave us all the time we needed to learn. I made a name in Steem Sports and all of that is the result of our hard work and your help. Thanks, brother. Keep up the good work. We will be happy to see you as the Country Representative for the Philippines.

 5 months ago 

thanks dwin, thanks for the compliment and efforts

 5 months ago 

You deserve to be a country representative bro... Congrats..

 5 months ago 

thanks bro, thanks for the support as well Godbless!