My Entry to "Post a Photo of your Mobile Phone Challenge-Sounds Familiar?" by @long888

in Steemit Philippines4 months ago

Hi SteemIt Philippines! Here is my entry to the post initiated by @long888. "Post a Photo of your Mobile Phone Challenge"

My mobile phone, Iphone 6 Plus, has a great sentimental value for me. This was bought by my special someone last October 2019 as his present for my graduation. I refused to accept it at first because it's too much yet he told me that I deserved it. It's been my companion during my review for board exams until now. Unfortunately, this phone was accidentally dropped leaving cracks on it but still, it's functional.


So that's it, thank you for reading this far. Now, I challenge my friends @keyryalle, @aprilmarieyuan, @umme, @mylenebermejo, and @mackoy02 to join this contest. Have a great day!