Simple Community Pantry - (Bayanihan) Communal Unity Story

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"True giving from the heart is an expression of love."-- Cara Stein


(Grandpa just took what he needs and as he knows how it feels to be hungry and the tummy pain)

Hello Steemit family. Greeting of Peace and Happiness.

This is uwanderer sharing with you another inspiring stories of ordinary people who wanted to aid their fellow neighbours.

The local volunteers have seen the struggles of their neighbours due to the worsening case of the pandemic.

With this rising concerns in the neighbourhood, the residents felt worried for others. And these unease feeling lift up the hidden and dormant mindset which is the communal unity or commonly know in Philippines as Bayanihan.

Bayanihan is one of the old communal unity practice by the Filipinos long before the Spanish colonial invaded the Philippines.

Bayanihan spirit paved many successful stories such as building farms, houses, transporting houses, transporting farm or aquatic foods and supplies, during calamity and many more.

With the sprout of the community pantry in each corner of the country. It truly awaken the dormant Filipino Spirit which is the Bayanihan.

Below are snippets of the simple Bayanihan in the community level.

Hope this gives you the opportunity to see the community initiatives done by concerned citizens of the country.


(Food and non-item donated in the community pantry)


(granny happily pick up what she think believe sufficient for her and her family)


(This caring mom wisely choose good veggies for her big family.)

I wish to give thanks for the following people who were patient and continuously encouraging me to write my experiences and learnings. Thanks much to this wonderful people written below.

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Blessed allcitizens who donated to community pantry, buti may ganyan dyan, dito sa amin mukhang wala yan.

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Hello Ate @jurich60, Maraming salamat sa inyong positibong mensahe. Hopefully magkaroon din sa inyo ate. Praying for your safety and good healthy.

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Blessed those people who do good deeds. You are blessed bro.

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Maraming salamat bro sa positive na message. Ingat lagi and continue being a blessing to others.

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Love this. I'll share 100 Telos (TLOS) for this good deed! Thank you.

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Hi fycee. At the moment I don't have and know how to access telos. Thanks much for the kind gesture.

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When we see love that reaches us in a fraction of a second... When we see too much more than we can possibly comprehend... Our emotional intelligence is far beyond what can be expressed in words.

This lifetime was spent not in calm seas, but in storms that would have shattered many lives. It's something to be proud of, something to hang on to, and something to help you see yourself as you really are. It has to do with your giving, which brightens your heart and enflames your soul; LOVE is a rare gift, but it is yours!

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Napaka meaningful ng message and content mo ate. Thanks much for sharing. Nich mo talaga ang poem. Thanks much ate