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When we said we want to promote steemit and also use the same medium to help people, we meant it.

It took me one full month to plan and draft out my first SteemClinic project and how its gonna be.

In an environment where young girls growing up have little to no access to sanitary pads affects them and their personal lives that is why I have tagged this project PAD THE GIRL.

What is this Project All About?

To solve injustice of limited access of sanitary pads and period poverty in our various towns.

Educating the girl child about menstrual hygiene and management to help them understand what this is all about.

Poviding free sanitary pads for this girls.

This project is scheduled for schools for the main time.

The Goal

To train over 150 young girls on menstrual hygiene, survival culture and steemit including donating free pads to them

To teach them how to provide pads for themselves using steemit as a source of pocket money.

Our Budget:

According to my research and calculations we have decided to visit 1 school everyweek but due to the current rate of steem, we have decided to make it 1 school a month that way we will have more time to plan and prepare for the next school.

The current Price for pad is above #350 per pack and current price for steem is below N150/1 steem so we have decided to ask for a donation of 4 steem for per student as we have budgeted 150packs to be shared to each school.

in this case we have decided to put an aproximation of N400/1pad.

N400 x 150packs = N60,000
4steem x 150packs = 600steem

With the current rate I'm using to calculate which is N115/1steem will give us and aproximation of N69,000.

We also have plans of providing their lunch for them on that day to buy their time that is why our full budget is N100,000.

Pads = N60,000
snacks = N30,000
Transportation = N10,000

We have already made arrangements to pay our educators on menstrual hygiene and also making arrangement to invite steemians that will teach them about the steem blockchain.


We are not in a haste to start this project but we have given ourselves a target to start this project in August 2021 giving us more time to plan.

We are going to have a team of 5persons, some stand by mentors and facilitators.
We will send a latter to schools and wait for their approval and visit them on the agreed date.

We will provide free sanitary pads and educate them about steemit.

We already have one brand that is supporting this project so we also look forward to getting support from you.

During this time of projects we will be focused on menstrual hygiene and for those who can't donate cash or steem can also delegate to us to enable us grow faster and stronger.

We love you and we love to help everyone at their point of need.

We look forward to keeping you updated.

CC: @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @solar-star, @prolee, @bright-obias, @henry-glowz, @stephenkendal

Every Girl Child Deserves A Healthy Hygiene and A Better Way Of Living.


I smell success, @steemclinic....this is really a creative and good project for not only pushing @steemit to a great level but also helping the young growing female genders.
Keep up the good work.....@steemit is happy for you.😊