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"You can not expect me to take responsibility for it," he said, "I have nothing to do with this case, totally nothing."

The truth should be said and as the governor of this committee that was exactly what he did. The squeaking sound from his rubber souls didn't seem to irritate him but those who gathered around the table did.

"All I ask is some support. We set goals and going to stick to it. Is that clear!"

The committee didn't make an attempt to answer nor moved. He didn't care, did not give a damn about their improvement as long as each one of them followed his orders. There was too much on stake, he gave his life to sold out the bunch of idiots. Idiots he called them, each one of them were the puppets in his play.

The federation knew they had made a serious mistake but they also had it with him. Wasn't he the one who's direct responsibility it was? Wasn't he credible for everything they did? Wasn't that what a boss was for? They had informed him about everything although he seemed to ignore that fact. He had forced them to continue and stay concentrated. They had to stay focused, do as told and sacrifice themselves for the goal, his goal. The huge empire he had in mind. So many had paid the price for everything that went wrong. Nearly everyone had and those who did were transported to the camp. Rehabilitation he had called it but they knew the center was the end. Once arrived your life ended with a shot through the head.


"You know what to do and do it now!"

After these words he went out and left them behind. The vaccination programme was fake. They no longer believed in it, someone had figured it out. Of course, the elderly, disabled ones and every useless person would receive their shots first. Not much could go wrong. Once it was proved it was all fine the rest would follow, doctors would no longer fight it and slowly they would start chipping the nation. They already complained about the lack of registration and a chip was the solution. No one would fight it. No one dared to fight it. Those who did, still demonstrated, raised their voice would be removed from society. The media was in his pocket and wrote exactly what he wanted them to write. Anxiety was still the way. "Spread fear and you win the game," was what his mentor had taught him. How right he had been.

In moments of stress, it's hard to tell what is a wise thing to do. The men, those men left behind by their leader knew it went too far and this was their last chance to make right what they did wrong. It would be a hard task since by now no one knew what the conspiracy was for real. One by one they left the room to take care of their department.

As the siren went off they knew they succeed and the hitman took care of the leader. No camp waited for the man who thought he could get away with everything. If he had only listened to the them, had taken the time to observe he would have known he pushed them too far. Chaos took over the country. No one knew how it would end but at least fear had left them and they all felt free again. Free to build their own life, their country in a world without fake news, politicians, media and their conspiracies.


The prompts are written in bold and provided by @mariannewest

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