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"I'm ruining your spring break," Erin accused themselves as we walked back up the beach.

She was damned right and it wasn't the first time she did this to me. Erin was the type never caring about how I felt or the fact I had a life, dreams of my own. She disappeared if she felt to it and always showed up unexpectedly. Ready to ruin everything for me. She reminded me of Jessie' the one in that calls from a phone booth at 5 a.m. She makes me feel like a jester. The idiot I am to her. An excuse was not part of her style. She never asked how I have been or felt only commanded me around. To her it was quite normal to see me jump and she even told her new friends she could always count on me.
Not this time. This time it was different. I felt different and no longer felt the need to help her out. She had to deal with her own problems like I did with mine.
Erin... she was the kind of person most would call an abuser, a manipulator although she preferred to call herself an epicurean. How she had managed to find me at this beach was a miracle to me but this time I passed. No way I would invest time and money in her again. Enough was enough.

"Don't be so grumpy you know I love youuuu," she cried as I hastily walked out of her while thinking of a method to get rid of her for once and for all.

Erin... she wasn't my type, my friend not even a real friend. Our relationship was the same as the one between a parasite and its host.

"Your radio has horrible reception," I said to the youngster sitting at the wall. Erin stood next to me a bit out of breath. So far she hadn't give up on me and kept following me. I would ignore her till I knew what to do.

"Yeah man, I know but it's all I have and some noise is better than a life lived in silence you know."

I didn't know, I wish I could delete the noise out of my life. I wasn't looking for turmoil and worked to hard to repair the damage. I needed my break. A long, everlasting break.

Noise, I thought, noise is exactly what Erin is to me. A radio like that I would have let fixed or thrown away. Could Erin be fixed? She was the prototype of how one shouldn't act, selfish, useless in every way. I tried to remember when exactly I had bumped into her for the first time. Most likely she bumped into me once she was dumped by someone else. Had she always been that annoying?

The guy with the ancient ghetto blaster looked at Erin. I could leave her with him. He was used to disturbing factors and seemed to like her.

"Interested," I asked.

He didn't answer but I saw a short flash in his eyes. With some luck, she would never show up on my doorstep again. I turned around and strolled away. I knew this was only the first step to get her off my chest forever. Erin wasn't the kind that wouldn't easily let go of her hen with golden eggs unless she found someone better, more interesting although, if it came to interest she easily lost hers except... if it came to me.

"Jessie no painting pictures for you", I mumbled as I entered the hotel where I had booked a staying for 2 months.


The head of the security tapped at my shoulder.

"I am sorry to bother you but someone broke into your room."

My room, the hotel room was a ravage. A broken screen, torn sheets and clothes... The bathtub was smashed into pieces and so was the sink.

"What happened, how could this happen... isn't this a renowned hotel," I asked shocked.

"Can you come along please, there is something we like to show you.

It was clear who messed up the place after she didn't find what she was looking for. It was the first time I saw her real face and knew she couldn't be fixed.

"You know her?"

I nodded. This was the chance I waited for. I told him what I knew, where I met and left her not that long ago. After my statement, I left. Erin... She would be removed from society, taken apart and forgotten after all she wasn't a real human.

The weekendprompt for Saturday January 23, 2021 is provided by @mariannewest

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