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An insane hat was left behind on the marble floor. She smiled as she saw it and watched her through the doorway.

"Are you seeing somebody?"

She hesitated before she admitted she did.

"It's just a guy, someone I met.."

"Met where, how?"

She shrugged and stared at the cup in her hands.

"You know.. just someone outside."

She knew it was pointless to ask for more information but her senses told her something wasn't right and the guy couldn't be trusted.
"I promised myself not to resolve others their problems and I'll stick to it," she thought. "She has to deal with it herself, it's part of growing up."

It was hard to let go of her. She had always seen her as one of those fragile things in her life. She smiled at her and drank her tea.

It felt as if it had been ages ago but in reality, only forty-five days had passed. Forty-five days since that moment she had left, slammed the door behind her, wearing that insane hat. There never had been any need for her to be a life warrior. She could live without fear and enjoy life, the attention, all the good things offered. She knew she had lied and the only excuse she had was she needed her freedom. Sixteen... was it really her birthday? How come she forgot? Why did no one search for her? She started to cry. Did no one go to the police, reported she was missing? She kept her eyes closed and thought about the last time they met, the moment before she left. They had had breakfast together and there hadn't been any arguing. She tried to turn on her side. Had something happened?

"I thought she was one of those people who never gave up. Did she give up on me?"

Was there anything she could do? She had been drunk, beaten up in the apartment and after that... It all turned into a miserable story, one she had never counted with.
What did she know? He had said she was the last one, the last member of his team. What did it mean? She swallowed. Her mouth felt dry, she had given up screaming for help days ago. He was right no one would hear her and no one would search for her

"Forty-five is enough," she murmered, "today is the day. It's true what they say. If you can't beat them join them."

It was about two weeks later a laconic officer discovered the crime scene. A young female was executed pure and simple. A single shot was fired. The job was done with precision. A four and five were found, painted with blood on a small piece of paper. It could be a lead but no one was interested in investigating the killing of what they assumed was a hooker.


The prompts are provided by @mariannewest

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