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He hummed and left. She hid her bruises and felt as if her heart was ripped out of her. He felt no shame as he stepped outside and greeted the neighbours, she did and didn't want to be recognized. While he chatted and enjoyed his walk to the office she bit off her tongue and tried not to shout out loud. Ashamed she felt, bitter because she allowed him to treat her this way, a piece of trash was what he saw in her. If no longer needed you kicked it aside or got rid of it.
Those who had warned her no longer existed. They had given up on her years ago and the voice, the little voice inside kept silent too. She looked at the pale, small face in the mirror. A face she hardly recognized, big eyes with an empty look. A ghost appearance of the young, shining beloved person she once had been was reflected by the mirror. Only once she had talked to a policeman who had picked up something.

The doorbell rang. It was just before 8:30 pm. She could have a look through the peephole but didn't move. She didn't expect anyone and he had a key. She added more powder on her face. Not because she wanted to but because he had told her to hid her ugly face, make herself worth looking at. How long ago had it been people had liked her, turned around as she walked by? She didn't change but he had. Suddenly he had become deeply suspicious. She had to stay inside. He told her it was to keep her safe. Several times a day he started calling her to check on her what she was doing. Next, he locked the door as he left, accused her of things she had never done or ever thought of. He scolded at her, called her names she never knew they exist. At first, she had tried to ignore it, make him feel better but it only got worse. The doorbell rang again and she suddenly felt uneasy.

A business card was left on the doormat. She stared at it. Once she had started her own practice specialised in family law. It felt such a long time ago. She turned around with the intention to go back inside.

"How are you doing," a voice behind her said.

"Oh, I'm doing fine."

"So what's the problem?"

"Problem?" She hesitated while she crushed the business card in her fist but not dared to turn around.

"I know you saw my reflection in the glass... I know you keep denying but I am your way out... a way out of here."

She heard the footsteps going downstairs. What if this was her last chance to get out. Hastily she closed the door and ran after her rescuer.

The prompts are written in bold and provided by @mariannewest

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