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Although I intended to spend the rest of the day alone and wasn't in the mood celebrating anything I had a great time trying out recipes and tasting the dough. According to my friend the pies were not exactly what she had in mind if it came to a birthday cake but she admitted they were quite special.

"How about this one?" I laughed, "it even has a name."

"Hermann the friendship cake, what kind of cake is that?"

"It's old, it must be but the dough... it can't be made. Someone, a friend, needs to give me a starter of the dough," I said and couldn't hide the disappointment I felt. This would be the cake good for every occasion. The farewell and stay-home-together cake.

"I think I can fix that," Rosemary mumbled, not right now but tomorrow morning is possible. She studied the recipe and nodded. This can be done I just need some help. For now, we can start with another one. How about this green one?"

It was the first time I read about a green cake.

"Or this red one," she grinned. Wouldn't that be awesome?"

"I am afraid we don't have all ingredients needed."

"You make the fire and after that, you start with the first steps of this dough," she pointed at the second recipe. I go ask around for some more ingredients. There might be more eggs and I'm sure Quirky doesn't mind giving us some of his delicious juice. You already tasted it didn't you?" she winked and disappeared in a flash.

Not long after I started preparing the dough she showed up with more eggs, oil, a bottle of juice, and a big jar with something she called 'marmalade'.

"Don't touch anything before I am back. I need to take care of little Hermann first."

Before I could answer she was gone.

It was amazing how fast she had arranged more ingredients but I felt a bit worried. Each birthday pie was mainly eaten by me, me and Carmen. On my last birthday, we shared it with four. The clan counted many members and no matter if it would be a farewell or stay-home cake a cake for six wasn't enough, the ingredients we had neither. I could invite my closest friends Basil, Rosemary, Quirk, Rick, next to Carmen and me but what about Longbeard, the trainer, all those who shed tears with me, heard me, and gave me a hand. I didn't want to make an exception, make the difference between close friends, friends, and the clan that became my family.

I didn't need to wait long for my friend.

"Great job, you tasted it?"

I shook my head. I never tasted in advance but she said a good chef always did because only a tasty dough made a great pie. I wasn't sure about her statement but followed her example. It tasted good but something was missing. She agreed and we emptied the jar with marmalade.

"That's better," the remarked clearly pleased, "look at that amazing color. It's baking time and I could use a cup of tea after the tasting. Which one will be the next we make?"

I didn't answer and focused on the tea.

"Better spit it out. I told you I can hear you and keeping it in isn't the solution."

She placed the baking mold in the oven and licked the dough off the spoon.


"It won't be enough. We can bake one, two, or all four but it's not enough for all of us."

"Each year Carmen baked you a pie and it was enough."

"It was for her and me, for the four of us last time but not for the rest."

"You think so? Let me tell you she always celebrated your birthdays with us. She shared each cake with us."

She mentioned the cakes I had, what they looked like, and how they tasted.

"You can ask anyone, Longbeard, any of your friends and those you are not close with, each one of them will tell you the same."

"How can that be?"

"Haven't you read those recipes? Noticed this little sign?"

I stared at the multiplication figure she tapped at with her index finger.

"It makes it possible to cut as many pieces as needed as long as you add some power and don't mess up the recipe."

In some way, I felt relieved. Rarely she mentioned what she was capable of but there was a reason why they were called the 'magic ones'. Since that day so much had changed. We all grew, became wiser and if magic was still one of her powers those cakes would prove.

"You know he really likes you, don't you?" Rosemary remarked as we licked, in turn, the rest of the dough left behind out of the bowl.


"I assume that's a yes. How about you?"

"What about me?"

"If you like him of course," my friend yelled.

"Why shouldn't I like him? He is friendly, funny and..."

"And what?"

"... I like his hair," I grinned.

I assume with that answer the discussion about Rick was closed, at least it was for the time being. I went to the living room. My feet killed me and there was nothing more to say or arrange till the moment the second cake had to be taken out of the oven. Out of habit I stood in front of the bookcase and observed the books. It was gone. The book 'Wars' was no longer on the shelf. I checked the coffee table and even my room.

"It's gone," I said more to convince myself as to inform my friend. "I read four pages and decided not to read on, finish it. What could that mean?"


Total amount of words: 2879

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