Quirky (NaNoWriMo 14)

in Tales/short stories2 months ago

"Now, what shall I do with you?"

I felt his lips on my ear, his warm breathe and even if I could speak his hand around my neck made it impossible. When did Basil grow in such a tall and strong man? Why he asked about Rick?

"Do you trust me?" Basil groaned.

I nodded. I did although I felt uncomfortable with the way he held me.

"What a dumb thing to answer!" The instructors face showed up in front of mine. "Too close dear? I could swear I told you something about dirty tricks used if it comes to love and war."

With wide-open eyes, I stared into the instructor's his. Basil gave me a hard time and had no intention to let go.

"Never trust a man, not even your friends, a war you fight alone. This is your fight. Get out of here," the instructor hissed.

Was Basil distracted? I stood still and closed my eyes, concentrated while I shut out the words, every sound and focussed. He enclosed and the chance was small I could get that big guy of my back with a single movement. What was it he pressed against my waist?

"I love you dearly," I said while a bump of my elbow hit him in his abdomen, my teeth bit his hand and my heel kicked against his shin, "but..., " I managed to turn around as he lost his grip "don't ever touch my throat again!"

Hard my knee landed between his legs.

"The tables are turned mister."

"Interesting move", the coach said as he saw Basil land on the floor.

"I surrender, I hope Rosemary won't start practicing this on me."

"You can give me some tips," she said to me showing up out of the blue, "for today it's enough. Tomorrow is..."

"Not with me," Basil groaned I need some nursery, a caring..."

"Don't be such a pussy Basil, you can't always win."

She laughed and didn't show any mercy for the man she seemed to be so close with. I offered Basil my hand which he accepted.

"You did it very well for the first time. I'm impressed. Will you join us?" he moaned.

"I can't answer that question."

"I understand. Know you are more than welcome, you are one of us and..."


"Not everyone will leave if we leave."


NaNoWriMo2020 source photo: pixabay.com

Total amount of words episode 14: 2848

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