Going home

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"Are you sure this is what you want?"

She nodded. There was no home and the boy had offered her one. Like promised he had come back with the head of his tribe a native American.

"She can live with us. She is an adult it's up to her."

"Sign these papers and come back in two weeks. Here's a number you can call to make an appointment."

"She will be fine", the boy said. Bear found her and will watch over her."

"Promise me to contact us if she changes her mind or if her memory comes back." He hesitated... "You should know we informed the police. They might have some questions, if not now perhaps later."

"She is an adult. It's her choice her life."

The doctor watched them leaving the hospital. A strange group it was. The native American clearly the chief slowly walked behind the boy with his dog and the woman who had hardly spoken a word during her stay at the hospital. Perhaps she was an introvert and if not... He had thought about it longer and couldn't figure out what was wrong with her but for some reason, he felt she would fit in at those people their place more than in the hectic world he was living.


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Prompts used: native


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