The Tower

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It wasn't intended it just happened. That was what he told himself repeatedly during the night. That night before the storm of the century started. A storm no one counted with although he had to admit the signs were given loud and clear but ignoring had been the easiest way. Overlooking was what he had done his entire life and no one had ever complained, dared to complain. Those he did he had removed silently. It had worked. That was what he told himself too. He knew if he kept telling himself this story not only he would believe it but the rest of the world too.

"You need to believe in yourself,' was what his mentor always said. "Confidence, self-confidence is the key. It's not about being right but getting your right."

He knew it wasn't the key but an excellent way to trick those who truly believed he had it all, he made it, had the power and all the answers. It was useful to know no one could see him in his tower shivering for fear. Tomorrow or the day after when most of the aggression was ventilated he would be brave again, rule, and punish those out of control. Rule with an iron fist in a way he had never done before.


The prompt 'out of control' is provided by @mariannewest

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