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"Dear me, CubicHoney0146," said G. "Have you rested long enough?"


CubicHoney0146 lifted his head up from the
wood-slat floor of G.'s oak-tree-house and up to make eye contact with G. himself.

"Very good. Now I'm going to spawn you into a little game simulator, like what you'll be doing in the foreseeable future and until you get to the Hall of Legends. It's a little boxing simulator. Are you ready?"


The world changed before CubicHoney0146's eyes. He found himself in a boxing ring in the middle of a roaring arena. Across the ring, a menacing figure in red shorts waited.

G. spoke to him as if from within his own mind: "Now I'm going to teach you how to strike with your right hand. I teach you now !! Now, show me."

The ref started the fight, and the figure in red shorts advanced toward CubicHoney0146 right away. CubicHoney0146 hesitated. At the last second, G. patched in and shouted: "Now!"

CubicHoney0146 threw the right hand, and it connected with red shorts' jaw.

G. patched in: "Now I am going to teach you to strike with your left hand. I teach you now !! Now, when your opponent recovers, hit him with the left as he comes in for another attack. Don't hesitate this time."

Red shorts shook the cobwebs out of his skull. Then he came forward again, guns blazing.

CubicHoney0146 shuffled a step to the left as red shorts closed, then threw the left hand just as G. had taught him.

The crowd erupted.

"Great Scott!" G. exclaimed.

Red shorts fell to the canvas stiff and unthinking.

CubicHoney0146 looked down in strange dismay, faintly reaching out with a gloved hand. The scene dissolved.

+10 MYTH

G. greeted him back at the oak-tree-house. "That was an excellent performance CubicHoney0146. Best I've seen in some time. And those are two skills you can take with you all the way to the Hall of Legends."


"Oh CubicHoney0146, thx u. I was beginning to find you incurious, and I thought you'd never ask. The Hall of Legends is the end-goal of all the challenges you face along the way. It is the place where your victory songs shall be sung. Among other things. O other things indeed.

"But dear CubicHoney0146, I can't have you keeping me any longer. So I bid you fair adieu.

"And a word of warning: never play the first game you're offered."

G.'s treehouse hideaway faded into obscurity and then he found himself in prolly the same idyllic pastoral scene he had recently left behind. A dirt trail wandering wayward into the horizon now at hand.

+5 MYTH (; ~G.

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