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CubicHoney0146 reached out with both arms, hands dangling limply-..

And G. reached out and caught him. "Good grief-.. you did experience tremendous and awful lag times, didn't you CubicHoney0146? You are indeed the thing known as CubicHoney0146, are you not?"

CubicHoney0146 selected.


"Oh very good CubicHoney0146, and it is very fine to finally meet you-.. very fine indeed. Oh, and how rude of me-.. my name is G.

"You..CubicHoney0146 are a very fortuitous and very awesome thing, yesireebob I exclaim you are!! But let me not indulge upon your tired ears!

"You have been selected for the MYTH program-..a rewards program that only awards a rare number of things-like-yourself.

"MYTH is how you'll be rewarded for the accomplishments you get through in the foreseeable future. Congratulations you are already owner of 10 MYTH. I am very proud of you for that!

"But before we continue, I am going to give you time to readjust to your senses after that awful lag. Can you manage to take a seat in the chair over there?"

+10 MYTH


{this concludes iNstallment two}

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