Fairy Tale -- Part Nine

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fairy tale

the 9th installment

CubicHoney0146 woke up on the 6th morning of his 2nd run in the game, his health fully regenerated. Thus he felt comfortable in the crisp morning air, the morning dew suckling up between his toes.

Yes, he walked barefoot the terra of the game "Wilderness Survival." While he did feel the sensations of his avatar body in-their-relations to the outside world, he did not take the physical damage associated with those interactions.

No, he had never had an internal concept of an 'outside,' or an 'internal' for that matter.

And Yes! CubicHoney0146 actually felt the firm yet yielding natural make of the ground he walked and stood upon. And yes, he still marveled at the feeling.

Before the witch doctor had installed, among other things, what-he-called an Exposure Sensory System...before that he had known nothing of pleasure, nothing of pain.....to say nothing.. of so much other significant ephemera the likes of...joy..discomfort...wonder......aversion,...aspiration.......

Something in all of this for CubicHoney0146 had the nature and profound effects of an Encounter. A having-met-with amongst the utter beyond. The shattering of the veil, or perchance its sudden so gentle evanescence.

Now he found himself living beside an abyssal hole-in-the-sky-reflected in his own eyes Ocean in his own insides.

What all had the witch doctor installed anyway?

Obviously the Hunger Meter. Also, with less-by-far warning, something called a Sanity Meter..whatsoever that might refer to or regulate....and with a general caveat that he might install just about or actually absolutely anything, according to his Will and Capacity to do so..and all with the best intention.....

And all of it to be removed, if in accordance at that point with the volition of the participant, at Day 100 when he would have to show-down against the game's Boss, the Narcolepse Hespia....

Not that CubicHoney0146 understood at the time or could even now begin to articulate. Nor without any form of Voice Box installed could he even speak at all...

But he did have a true Mask now, and like the Raven it envisaged, he could caw...

(+10 MYTH)



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Thank you so much for taking the time.

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A good story worth reading. In some way it reminds me of "wrecking Ralph". In the way it could be a great animation or film. 👍

Hi Wake Up Kitty,

Thank you for reading, and thank you for the nice compliments.

If you don't mind my asking, what are your plans for this Community?

I really like the premise behind it, but it seems to be active only part of the time.

Anyway this story is ongoing and might do so for awhile.....

I am trying to figure out which Community or Communities to be posting it into.

Thanks, and I would really appreciate your feedback.


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