[Replay] Hoodwinked Passionately Overseeing

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Tracksheet and notes below

This is a collection of recordings I made recently, since the Sun has
been in Aries ♈. Most of them while broadcasting live on
Vimm.tv. This collection was broadcast on Vimm in the early hours of
April 18th, 2020 (EDT). This is a replay of that broadcast. See
additional notes below.

starttitleself-scorerecorded (EDT)
0:08Scattered EndB-April 3
3:58Looming OverBApril 5
6:32I DunnoB-April 5
9:26SevenThreeC+April 9
13:36Sliding AlongB-April 9
17:58Sinking Moon (full)C+April 9
25:55April DarkBApril 9
30:18RB ShuffleC+April 9
32:26Over Cliff TwoB-March 23
36:32Not WorkingC+March 23
41:45Two ChordingB-March 30
49:59Spinaround FiguresB-March 31
53:54Looming Over (reprise)B-April 1
58:26sign off

The titles are just working titles and may change as work on them (or my mood) progresses, some are more set then others. The scores might correlate to my mood more then the quality of the piece, though I am also apt to 'ding' pieces if there is a technical issue (such as unwanted distortion). Leave a comment below if you have any thoughts or feedback.

Finally this replay is temporary and will timeout in a few days. Check out my LBRY channel for longer lived stuff.


Thanks for listening!


Hoodwinked, Passionately, Overseeing

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Overseeing a master plan?
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Stream Schedule UTC (Some Days)

Perhaps between the 3rd to 8th hours UTC, 3 times a week more or less.
I'm never really sure when I am going to be live but I am testing the posting of VoD "Replays" (of which this is one) on Vimm.tv so check those out.