[Replay] Diplomacy Inexorable Vigilance

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Everything's a WIP! - timesheet

  • First I replay some recent recordings.

0:00 Purrdy Guud
3:41 Two Chords, Two
6:35 Dirge It Up

  • Now skip ahead to 23:55 since I a ruin the next bits with overdone overdubbing and untangling wires!

12:58 Lap Cat Doodle (extra overdubbing)
18:28 West from the Sun (extra overdubbing)
21:25 ... talking, silence, wires ...

  • This one I kinda like, but maybe it's just me.

23:55 Sliding Along

  • This next "Practice" segment is worth skipping, so jump to "last thing" at 1:02:15

31:10 hmmmph
34:50 good problems
38:40 out of the mountain
42:00 disappearing detective
46:40 red high heels
49:10 tamed elephant
52:30 dust (skipped)
52:55 hypoxia

  • Finally I actually record something "new"

58:42 making up Last Thing
1:02:15 Last Thing

  • Thanks for all your support!

1:06:08 sign off

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