[Replay] Futzing Around Mode

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Number 6 is the newest one if you just wanna skip to that.

numtimetitleself score
1.0:00Doodle #1C
2.4:48Doodle #2C-
3.8:25Doodle #3B-
4.16:30Doodle #4D+
5.19:00Doodle #5C
6.22:08Doodle #6B-
7.26:03Over Cliff TwoB-
8.30:15Not WorkingC+

Extra notes: Sorry for the extra open mic durning the first one. You can follow and catch my stream live on Vimm.tv! https://www.vimm.tv/harvhat?ref=harvhat

Stream Schedule UTC (Some Days)

Perhaps between the 3rd to 8th hours UTC, 3 times a week more or less.
I'm never really sure when I am going to be live but I am testing the posting of VoD "Replays" on Vimm.tv so check those out.