[Replay] Outcome Abundance Diplomacy

in VIMMlast year

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Still testing out different sound setups and other not so top secret things!
All while doing some more of whatever it is I do.
Mellow guitar doodling and improvisations!
Some of it is even original, and some is Chinese Pop or other tunes.
Also I might try talking some, you've been warned!
I might eventually record some new loopy bits if I get in the mood.

Drop by and lurk and listen.

Outcomes, Abundances, Diplomacy

🂥 🃁 🃂
Tactful diplomacy hopefully!
I should probably say "tactful diplomacy" a few more times, no one seems to be listening!
.. TAROT meditations ..

Stream Schedule UTC (Some Days)

(perhaps between the 3rd to 8th hours UTC? 2 to 3 times a week more or less)


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