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Good day everyone. It's another edition of #Steemnigeria writing contest.

The Nigerian democratic government has not only failed its people but also itself. The whole nation is now in the dark, to arise and take back our country from those who has hijacked all the good things of this life from it is now upon us.


Though the task looks bigger than life, the Nigerian naira value is going down each day and its looking like this is just the beginning, the beginning of doom, economic instability in a country that hasn't been stable since the newly elected president.

So, I'm giving you a magic wand with the ability to do one single task, after that, you can't use the wand again. What would you do, what would you ask for, what is that one single solution can you ask the wand to do that you think will solve some, if not all of this country's problem.


•All entries should be at least 200 words
•Subscribed to the community Steem Nigeria
•Entries should be post in the community to be considered valid Steem Nigeria
•Submit all entries as a comment on this post
•The tag #contest should be among your first five tags
PS : If you're not a Nigerian you can also partake in this contest by telling us what changes you will like to see in your country.


First position: 5 steem
Second position: 3 steem
Third position: 2 steem.

I can't wait to see your entries.


Nice work! You just got yourself a $3.36 upvote. Enjoy! Check us out at or swing by for a chat at ACOM Discord

Thanks @botefarm for this contest and i wish there is really a magic wand. Smiles
This is my entry

Please should we stop commenting our entry @botefarm

Start bringing in your entry

Thanks for bringing this contest, it has always helped us to be more creative.
Here's my entry.

Thanks @botefarm for organizing this contest, our country Nigeria is really going through alot. I strongly believe there is still hope for our country.

Here is the link to entry

This is a very nice initiative. But I believe it will go a lot way in bringing hope to all our Nigerian brothers and sisters.

@botefarm, kindly find my submission here

Good morning @botefarm

Please when will the contest winners be announced. Some persons post are expiring in less than 24hrs without a single vote.

Thanks in anticipation for your reply

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