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Dear diary,
Today started with much tension, because I spent my night in the hospital. The nurse in charge of my wife at the maternity suggested we go for CS since the cervix is not open to show possible normal delivery.

our baby boy, sleeping in the hospital few minutes after his arrival

We obliged and she quickly called a specialist from a private hospital not too far from the health centre.

The doctor drove to pick us. It was raining heavily in the morning, so we had to use nylon to cover ourselves and go out to meet the doctor on the road. The baby’s life was at stake, so we had to rush.

We got to the main road and joined the doctor in his car and he took us to his hospital. He told me the CS will cost 180, 000 naira, card money and test will be 8,000 naira.

I had to negotiate the price for CS down to 150,000 but he said we should leave it at 160,000 naira because he just want to consider the fact that I’m a young man and might not have money.

As my wife and baby were at risk, I quickly accepted and made a deposit of 38,000 naira and my wife was taken to the theatre for the operation.

Baby boy opens his eyes to look at his father

I was just sitting at the reception praying, but after an hour I heard the cry of my baby. I was very excited, but at the same time I was worried about my wife.

So, I move to the door to the theatre for possible sound that my wife was okay. That time, one of the nurses came out and I asked how my wife is and she said she’s fine.

Next thing I heard was her shouting out of the effect of the anaesthesia. The doctor later came out to assure me that mother and baby are okay.

The baby was brought for me to carry while they were giving my wife drip. I had to go in and pray for her and assured her she’s coming out strong. It was a moment filled with joy for the baby and panic for my wife.

I called my sister to inform her and she came immediately and also joined to pray for my wife.

It took about 30 minutes for her to be stable and was transferred to her private ward to continue recovery from there.

I had to called office and took permission to stay off from work. We were in the hospital all day and I even passed my night there.

I’m happy she’s recovering and our baby is doing well.
That’s my Tuesday diary.

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Thank you for stopping by in my blog


Congratulations to you and @unyime.

And welcome to the world @smallness96 😀

Hope this vote helps with some of the costs.

The Steemit Team

Thank you very much. It will sure go a long way.

Wow this is great congratulations to you.

Thank you very plenty.

Awwwnnn! cute you baby. Congratulations sir. Your baby is so handsome.

Please help me tell him that @Eldecor loves him

Thank you very much. I'm going to tell him.

Wow.. how cute he is. 😍. Congratulations.
#onepercent #srilanka #japan

Thank you,dear.

You are welcome "baby". We thank God for safe delivery. My pleasure😀

Thank you,bro.

Welcome baby boy.. I've been expecting you for so long... Congratulations @greatness96 and @unyime

#onepercent #nigeria

Thank you so much. He's here now.

Thank you so much dear. Hope you will soon come to see the baby.

Yes o. I'm so happy

May God bless your child and hope your wife will get will soon, best gift you have received from your wife,stay blessed and happy. Lot of blessings for your child from me🙏

Thank you very much,dear. Thanks for your prayers. She's getting better.

Welcome my dear friend, stay safe

Congratulations sir. This is a big testimony!
Cheers🍻 to safe delivery and to good health.

Thank you very plenty.

Welcome "Baby Boy " to Nigeria!!

It is my prayer that your intervention in your Chosen field of endeavour will engraved Nigeria with International laurels , never recorded hitherto in history of the nation!

Please never forget to keep us updated with his name and when he shall be dedicated !

I will do that. Thank you for your prayers.

Congrats bro.. We all the situation in our country, only God can save us

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