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Welcome to the first contest in the Steem Nigeria community.


After a long discussion with our country representative, @beautychicks, we concluded that one of the most effective way to encourage retention and rewards among our teaming Nigerians on steem , apart from the diary game, is to engage them in weekly contests. The idea of the contest is fueled by @steemitblog encouragement that communities on steem should work on encouraging more engagements among her members.

Thus, the purpose of this challenge is to encourage engagement, retention and rewards among Nigerians.

For this week, we are starting with The Story of My Life. Just a short story about an experience in your life. It could be something about what happened to you years back, bring back the memories.

You can go wild, no boundaries to what you can share. It could be pleasant or unpleasant experiences.


A total 20 steem in prizes is available for a start.
1st position receives 5 steem
2nd position receives 3 steem
3rd position receives 2 steem
4th position to 13th position receive 1 steem each

More rewards on the way, as the contest gets bigger every week. What are you waiting for? Nigerians, let’s write.


  1. The title of your entry must start with Steem Nigeria Contest: Story of My Life: Any other additional words.
  2. It must be 200 words minimum and 1000 words maximum.
  3. You must include the tag #steemnigeria in your first five tags, preferably the first.
  4. You must include a maximum of 4 pictures, no minimum.
  5. You must post your entry in the STEEM NIGERIA community.
  6. Each paragraph of your article must not exceed 4 lines.
  7. Closing date for each week’s entry is 5 days from the publication of this challenge.

The winners will be announced at the pay-out of this post.

Thank you @teamg-nigeria, for offering to donate the 20 steem that will be used to reward the winners of this first contest. Thanks to @beautychicks for her amazing support to Nigerians on steem.

More donations are welcomed. Also, the rewards of the contest posts will be used to reward winners of the subsequent weekly contests.

Please if you are donating towards the success of this contest, send to @teamg-nigeria with the memo STEEM NIGERIA CONTEST.

All Nigerians are welcome to participate.

Please, you can drop link to your entry on the comment of this article.

We look forward to reading your entries.

See you around.


Yes, this is a nice approach to creating a busy platform on steem. Thanks for coming up with this contest. I hope Nigerians fall in and write about the story of their lives.

This is the story of my life: Let the contest begin.

Thank you for your support.

You are highly welcome @greatness96.

I think this contest is one of its kind. Its welcomed, its amazing, thanks you all for putting this together. This is a contest, and we should all key into this. I must say kudos to this. Hmmmm let me start by putting my post together.

Yes, bro. Welcome onboard. I can't wait to read your entry.

It a wonderful start to keep the nigeria community engaged on steem.

Am working, am working and i hope to pick the first price


Good luck, bro

This is going to be so interesting, informative and educating. I really like this one and can't wait to right something and read other interesting writers article. Thanks a lot once again for putting this together for our community.

Great to have you here. I can't wait to read your entry.

Good luck and steem on.

This going to be interesting reading about people's story

Sure, bring on yours. Let's rock it.

@greatness96, this is an amazing contest, am already working on my entry. I hope to be among the winners

Sure, good luck dear.

Thanks for joining.

Good luck.

Thank you for taking part. Good luck.

Its my pleasure, i hope to win sir!

this is a great post.
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