If I was the President of My Country (my entry to a contest organise by @idyeyo

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All thanks to the Admin of this great community for the recent commitment to make this community active. I also acknowledge the effort of @idyeyo for organizing this contest.

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We all know how difficult and hard thing are going presently in Nigeria, economic activities are shorting down, scarcity and high cost food, couple with a lot of security challenges such as kidnapping, Bandit, Boko Haram terrorist, money ritualist Fulani and cow invasion of farm. Just to mention few, to worsened the situation are the call for sensational division by two out of the three major ethnic group of the country.
In this article, I will assume the task of being the president of the federal republic of Nigeria, My administration as the president of will embark on a quick scheme which I will tag Operation Rescue Nigeria

About Operation Rescue Nigeria Scheme
The scheme will be launch and charge with an urgent task of bringing back the country to normality through the following action or agenda.

  1. Mass orientation on the needs and benefits of remaining as one Nigeria.

  2. Create a working committee to look into how best the country can be restructure to give room for freedom of regional Government, this will to some extent serve as the solution to the agitation IPOB and Oduduwa nation.

  3. Create a working committee to give report on how move urgently shift from old driven economic to advance Agricultural and technological Economy.

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(Under this category my Government will give more grants to individual and group who are willing to venture into agriculture and also empower people who are ready to advance in area of technology. Food production will be our first target.
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  1. Strengthen the Nigerian Security Agency such as Arm Forces, police, Civil Defense etc. To be able to fight the present security challenges. My government will also grant the Armforce an independent, to enable them function without any government interfarance. More modern days wepon will be aquire for them, with installation of skybase CCTV cameras to capture the whole country (Operation No Hidden Place for Crime).

  2. Restructuring our tertiary Institution to enable them to produce a self reliance graduate who will not be searching for employment after graduation but instead be strengthen to be an employer of labour, the modalities under this will be to upgrade our technical colleges to university standard and enable to to award degree. Most present university will also be converted to technical University. And every graduate of those university will be given a minimum of 2million to setup themselves in their respective Field or area.

  3. Make an effort to reduce the salaries of our fellow politicians. No law makers should earn more than the salary of a classroom teacher with 25 years of experience, and the president should be placed on the salaries of a parmanent sectary of ministries. This will be done to make sure only people with the love of the country contest for an election.

  4. Implementation of price control policy over major goods. Especially food item and shelters. A Task force will be established to enforce this for total compliance of all citizen.
    These are the activities my government Will put in place if am the president of Nigeria.

God bless Nigeria.
Long live Nigeria
Long live Steem Nigeria
Long live me and you.