What seems like some kind of Jinx; My 1TB HDD has failed to read.

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Hello everyone, trust I meet you doing good?

Yeah, you might be wondering why I said "some kind of jinx" in the post title. Well, this is so because I was actually going through @kodeblaccc's

post few minutes after he made a post where he shared about his damaged PC Hard Disc Drive and all attempt he has made so far in trying to get it fixed and then something similar happened to my PC also shortly. Okay! Nothing to serious about the jinx part, because I can't point accusing fingers at him for the loss of my Hard Disk Drive.

For some couple of days now I have been working earnestly to get a friend's project done in After Effects. After twenty four (24) hours plus of work time, I finally got the project completed. I was only left with rendering the the video and sending it to him before an unforseen situation happened. My Hard Disk Drive encountered an error!! Initially I didn't know what was wrong.

I set the video to render while I decide to go through my hive blog. Then I came across Kodeblaccc's post where he shared about his damaged 750GB Hard Disc Drive and all attempt he has made so far in trying to get it fixed. As I was reading through his post, my laptop gave a notice sounds that there was an error with the video I'm trying to render. I didn't know what was really wrong. It gave an error regarding to nor getting enough memory on the Hard Drive to render the video. So I decided to clear all running Apps from the Task Manager. After doing that my PC was still hanging so I then decided to restart the PC in which it shutdown properly not until when it was about to restart then I discovered it was not booting.

It had an error message displayed on the screen saying "SMART Hard Disk error". Meanwhile, that wasn't going to be the first time it was going to displayed that error message, but I've always ignored it and just pressed the "Enter" key to continue with startup. But unfortunately this time around clicking on the enter key to resume startup will only lead to black screen for about ten (10) minutes and return me back to the error message page. I begin to get worried because I also don't have any of my files backed up anywhere just as Kodeblaccc.

I've tried several online step in getting it fixed ranging form disconnecting and reconnecting the Hard Disk Drive, running some BIOS setup, running memory checks, but still none seems to be working as my Hard Drive wouldn't still boot my PC. My biggest fear right now is loosing my data that are on it. Why I'm scared is because, I came across a video while searching for means on how to get my Hard Disk Drive fixed, an it was said in the video that getting that error doesn't necessarily means that the Hard Disk Drive is damaged, rather it means the Hard Disk Drive has experienced a fault somehow and its just to get the user aware of possible happenings and the user should securely back up his/her data present on the Hard Disk Drive and then provide necessary solution to it.

He also further explained that if this error message is be ignored and not attended to for too long, the Hard Disk Drive will finally end up crashing out. And that is what seems to be my case. I've ignored this error message for over a period of seven (7) months and I'm just getting concerned because it won't come on again until I provide the necessary solution it need.

I'm just hoping I haven't completely damaged the Hard Disk Drive and the data on it can still be retrieved. It's five (5) days already as at the time I'm writing this post and my laptop is still yet to come on. I'll be taking it to the engineer's shop sometime soon. I'm trying to remain positive and hoping for the best.

For the meantime while I still try to fix a perfect day to visit the Engineer's shop and get some money available, please kindly suggest any solution you know that might help my get it fixed. Who knows?, you might save a brother from having to spending some extra bucks 😁