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It another week of the steem Nigeria contest and am happy we are participating in the contest we organise. It been an awesome experience.

Today contest will revolve around accidents, today I heard of a terrible accident and I was so sad to hear that there were up to two casualties.

According to the source of the accident, he said that a bus full of passengers ran into a truck who was riding along his own lane. To the back the bus hit the truck with speed of maybe 50km/hr. The man in front died instantly after hitting his head in the dashboard (no seat belt on)

A child was badly injured and he died before they could take him to the hospital so sad. The driver was badly injured but he is still alive, people wished he was the one dead instead of the two casualties. According to eye witness the man was either asleep or not in his right sense that’s why the accident happened in the first place.

There are two questions for this contest in which you can select one to answer.

The first: talk about accidents (road) and how we can avoid it in about 300 words.

The second: tell us about the most terrible accident you have experienced and what caused cause the accident in about 350 words or more

The rules for this question is simple;

• If you answer the 2nd question you have an advantage to become the winner over others
• This contest must be posted on the steem Nigeria community only.
• All post should post their links as comments under this post
• You must use #contest as your first tag
• Details is very necessary in your post

Am expecting a very breathtaking post from all the participants!!!


The rewards for the contest is a whooping sum of 10 steem.

Ist runner up ==> 4 steem
2nd runner up ==> 3 steem
3rd runner up ==> 2 steem
4thrunner up ==> 1 steem

There might be a 5th runner up and the rewards might also be increased if there is enough support to do so. But please do you best and enjoy everytime. See you all


Hi @lovveday,

Is there any rewards for this contest? Also what is the deadline?


 5 months ago 

Yes there is. I didn't even realise that there was no reward for the contest. My mistake

Thanks for the update on rewards, but what's the deadline! 😉


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Hi @lovveday, this contest is organized by me. If you are interested, please take part and share among your community. It is very easy one.

👉 Everybody Loves Contests #02


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