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I first met him when i was a very young girl. My friends and I used to go to play in his apartment. Everybody found him truly gorgeous, however when they discovered he couldn't speak they would lose interest. When we first met, we communicate through signs, we communicated our love for each other and I guaranteed him that I would marry nobody but him. We would stroll on the sea shore for quite a long time, where he would attempt to hold my hand and I would stay away! Notwithstanding, my parents didn't endorse my choice to be with him and following 7 difficult long periods of attempting to persuade them, I surrendered and concluded that I was unable to stand by any more.

My husband's mom parted with me, in light of the fact that my parent didn't go to my own wedding. Everybody asked me, how we would endure in case he wasn't acquiring yet he shut everybody up when he found a new line of work at a radio factory. He used to endeavor to help us and he even extended to sales of radio covers and extra parts.

After some time, I got so used to bantering in signs that regularly I would go days without talking and I enjoyed it like that since I felt we saw each other better that way. We had 6 beautiful kids, every one of whom he loved and spoiled. There were a couple of years in the middle of when his radio factory shut down and we were confronting a few inconveniences – however my girls started offering tutorial to small kids to keep us secure and surprisingly those qualities they've gained from him. He truly had the best heart. Even get-togethers he would go to the KFC and give sweet, take care others' people kids while they took a dunk in the water and he was simply so loaded with affection. I really miss him everyday.

He was the best thing that happened to me and consistently on his birthday I ensure I go to the school of the deaf and dumb to address the kid about him and his 'normal' life. Allowed the opportunity, in each life I'd pick him – the best spouse, the best dad and the best individual.