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Love at first sight is constantly founded on looks since we hardly know at least something about their personality.

Victoria is young lady from working class family... she was extremely excellent and consistently wanted to become entertainer... yet, fate had different designs for her because of her looks she was continually proposed by a 30 yr old person when she was only 15 yrs old.... at the point when she regreted his proposition , she turned into a casualty of vitriolage...yes acid attack

She was admitted and got terrified when she saw her own face!!! With her fantasies broke she got discouraged to the core.... yet, Victory's family didn't abandon her they did as much as 30 update medical procedures over a say 5 to 10 yrs....

Victoria solid spirit won't ever surrender... she began a back which was for corrosive assault survivors... somewhere inside she generally longed" will I not be loved by somebody, get hitched?" Later she met a activities called John, alongside him she made her go to extraordinary statures and think about what this is a direct result of their work that government. Forced a law that to purchase acid, an individual should show personality verification and the justification purchasing ought to be enrolled.

A great surprise waited for Victoria. Indeed John proposed to Victoria and they got married however their marriage was a private one since Victoria felt there are individuals who can't understand the delightful heart of Victoria and might give negative remarks on Victoria's looks. This is the first segment of the romantic story.

Victoria was anticipating their first child however she was frightened in view of the possibility that her child would cry seeing her face yet when the child was born and given to her, it smile at her making Victoria happy. This is unexplainable love without a doubt. This is the second piece of romantic story.