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You're going to reach a stopping point.

at the point when things are going genuine acceptable when you initially get going, life is playing with you. You're going to reach a stopping point, you're going to be going, and things are looking extraordinary, and you're invigorated, you're going to inform everyone concerning it,and then out of nowhere you hit a stopping point. Wham. Also, that divider stuns a few group. That divider dazes a few group.

That divider debilitate a few group. It's agonizing reaching that stopping point. On schedule of affliction, you don't have a deterrent to manage, you have a decision to make. Some will decide to return.

They turn their shut down. Furthermore, they have crushed themselves in their brains and say I can't do it. Also, there's some modest number who when they hit that stopping point, they choose, stand by a moment, I should be around there. This sort of individual will not be denied. This individual returns once more, and once more, and once more. Furthermore, in the event that you continue reaching that stopping point, this is what happens to you, that you will have a mind blowing forward leap. Furthermore, maybe the universe says, we should take care of him. I appreciate that sort of perseverance. As you're working occasions with tears tumbling down your face, and you'll think back on the occasions and you will love those occasions.

At the point when you come through, fine people, when you get through that valley, when you get through that battle, there'll be a look in your eyes that everyone will realize this is an alternate individual here. The harder the test, the more noteworthy the development. You're issue, it probably won't bode well, and your aggravation probably won't bode well, and your situation may be irrational, yet pay attention to me, if your life on occasion feels like, looks like work, you are doing it right.

Continue pushing. There is advancement coming and when you're holding your prize,
the aggravation and the enduring will fail to measure up.

Try not to surrender. Everything will work out. Furthermore, I'm advising you, the best approach to light the fantasy is you gotta shut out each and every thing.

furthermore, you gotta accept, I am the best. Thus life regularly breaks you since when it hits you, you weren't prepared. In any case, on the off chance that you stay prepared, and you stay stopped up, when you hear terrible news, it don't break you 'cause you previously invigorated. Today probably won't be the day however soon it will be my day and I will reuse my aggravation. In case you're going to be effective in this game, you gotta encapsulate a canine, you gotta realize it's a canine battle, and you gotta go get that battle. Life ain't going to be simple, ain't no one going to hand you nothing.

At the point when it's finished, when they're drained, when they're disappointed, when they're prepared to surrender, when they've spent their last dime, that is the point at which they begin. It's the point at which you don't have anything left, it's the point at which you've drained all your cash, when all your energy gone, when you don't have anything left,

that is the point at which it's showtime. At the point when you discover an exit from no chance, when you discover breath that you don't have, when you discover energy that didn't exist, when you need this thing as terrible as you wanna inhale, that is the point at which you discover a way.



Yes please what @dwarrilow2002 said is true

Can you identify the photograph, or give a citation for its source? I'm from Canada so I don't know if this person is a famous athlete in Nigeria or a stock photo.

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She is a friend

When I write, I pretend I am writing to one of my descendants 100 years in the future. I imagine that my descendants would be interested in the people I consider friends, and the things that helped to shape my thoughts and opinions.

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So, what's your thought and opinion.

I am not a good one to ask. A couple of months ago, I wrote a post answering the question - "What defines a man?".

What defines a man?

I look at my son and I wonder ... what are the qualities of a man who is able to have a wild bird alight on his hand? I have never experienced this. Where did he learn the qualities to be able to be so trusted by a wild animal? What messages will he be able to pass on to future generations? Would a man be someone who inspires pride and trust in others?

As you can see, I never did get around to answering the question. The message that I hope my descendants would read is that I am a father, who is proud of his son.

"WHEN LIFE GETS HARD" is a challenging topic to write about. When I see the picture of your friend I can't help but want to know more about her (with regard to the topic).

How would you describe her eyes - soulful, sad, overwhelmed?

There is a poem "Do not go gentle into that good night" that is a message about dying but could be a metaphor for any adversity.

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

When life gets hard do not accept it. Fight to overcome adversity. |Rage, rage against the dying of the light.|

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There is only one goal, and that is victory